Hello Jackie from California!


Hi Jackie, my name is Arjuna, an intern here at Ben’s Friends, and I want to welcome you aboard to our beautiful community. It must have been scary for everyone involved to have you go through a ruptured aneurysm very recently, but it is a relief to here that the coiling procedure when well and that you have recovered so well. I understand that you are currently undergoing both speech and physical therapy, and are looking for places that will provide you therapy in the Santa Barbara area. I really hope that we can help you find answers, and we wish you the very best Jackie. You may have noticed the search icon (Magnifying glass) on the top right corner of the screen. This is a great way for you to go through existing topics and discussions that may be help you learn more about what others have done in your shoes. I looked up the word “santa barbara”, and a few existing discussion threads popped up. Here is the link to that as well for your interest:


Please keep us posted on your progress Jackie, your recovery story is already so great, and we would love to hear more of it.