Headache everyday

I’m currently in the process of getting my 6mm aneurysm (that also has a daughter sac) treated, just waiting for insurance to preauthorize everything. I found out about the Annie in 2011 and it’s since grown. I suffered from frequent headaches and occasional migraines accompanied by vertigo, which was under control for a while. In November 2013 I fell and got a concussion then December I was in a minor car accident. I’ve had a CT Scan since and of course nothing showed up. I’ve since been told I have post concussive syndrome. Headaches, fatigue, depression, memory loss, congnitive issues, and irritability. This has been for the last 4 months now. This past few days my headache has become so bad I feel pain in my ear canal, sometimes sharp pain behind my right eye(where Annie is located), in my neck, and in the back of my head. I’ve taken prescription headache meds which have no effect at all. Its constant and very frustrating. I’m worried that maybe I have a leak or something is going on. Docs already told me it must’ve leaked before because it has a daughter sac. So here are my questions: Can a concussion have an effect, as far as growing/leaking, on an existent aneurysm? How long should I wait to tell the doctor how my head feels? What symptoms could be associated with a leak? When they think it leaked before I had TIA (in 2011 just a few months before We discovered I had an aneurysm) and was in the hospital for 5 days. They never saw sah in the scan they did in the hospital but my neuro thinks that could’ve caused it. Thanks in advance!

I had a leaking brain aneurysm Jenny...I had that really bad headache...and truthfully (can't explain) but just didn't feel right...I went to the ER...and I must tell you symptoms, etc., are all different, but the fact that you can't get your headache under control and the pain in ear...leads me to want you to be safe then sorry...my opinion...I would call my Neurosurgeon's office asap and/or I would go to ER and tell them exactly what you told us...and seek medical attention...sending thoughts out to you ~ Colleen

jenny...I so regret the waiting you have gone through...as well as many others have had to do.

I get more shocked to learn you are waiting for your insurance companies approval...???

Interest you note the daughter sac may be from prior leaks...that has not been a common explanation of that... Perhaps a question for me to "ask the doc"...

So hope you will keep detailed records of the symptoms you have experienced; and, to observe their changes in recovery.

Hugs and prayers for you and your treatment and recovery...