Has anyone been told they might have a genetic collagen defect causing aneurysms?

I have been told I may have a genetic defect of my collagen in my arteries. I will have abdominal ultrasounds every 2-3 years as I am a high risk for abdominal aortic aneurysm. I have just found out I have another brain aneurysm. I had one coiled 6;10;15. My kids are also at risk. Has anyone else been told this?

Lorac, I think you may find a few in this subgroup: http://www.bafsupport.org/group/aneurysms-and-vascular-malformations

I know a number of folks with ehlers danlos syndrome who also have aneurysms or avms.

Put a check after my name, although my aneurysm is in ascending aorta. Its not unusual unfortunately. The only bleed (brain) in our (large) family was my aunt, but she was also a heavy smoker despite a number of us having the same disorder.

I am going for genetic testing for this. Nothing like this was mentioned with my aneurysm diagnosis or surgery. I’m now pregnant and my OB wants to check to see if I’m at risk for collagen disorders and/or aortic aneurysms.

Thank you everybody. I will look into this.

No doctor has mentioned this to me, but I have wondered about it. Why? Because my fingertips are wrinkly. Some days more wrinkly than others, even if I drink lots of water. This wrinkling only started last year, about 8 months before the aneurysm was found.