Gut health

It’s been years since I posted. I am 7 years post craniotomy for ruptured aneurysm. It’s been a journey. I’ll never be completely whole again but I am in good shape. I wanted to share some learnings I have had. The surgery, ICU stay, tons of powerful drugs, stress etc has wrecked my gut. I have realized many of my problems from depression and anxiety, brain fog, sleep issues, etc, were due To my gut health more than the aneurysm. It’s complicated. I had ptsd. I had other problems. Where did one stop and the other begin. I dont know but I do know my gut health was destroyed and i have been working in healing. Kefir, antimicrobial herbs etc. i have gotten better through this. You all should consider this too

It’s been awhile! I moved your suggestion to complimentary therapies under the general tab for any member who may be interested and might want to ask some questions. Glad to hear you’ve found someth8ng that’s worked for you!

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I’m new, so I was just browsing through a few old topics that interested me. Your comments really resonated with me: The journey. Not being whole in the same way again. The gut issues! I have serious extended family issues. So much stress sometimes.

I’m currently working on how to live my days better. Sometimes I feel like I’m just existing. It’s also felt like there’s been so much chaos in my life for the past 3 years. I just want to figure out how to live this new life the best that I can. I already had a therapist that I could return to at the time of my aneurysm. I take psych meds for depression and anxiety. Those have been very helpful.

I’m currently doing the Noom Mood program. It’s very basic but I’m finding it helpful. I’m a retired (due to my anyerism) therapist and social worker. I chose this program because it has proven models of healing. I’m sort of amazed that this kind of thing even exists as an online app program!

Anyway, I hope this finds its way to you even though you wrote last June. I wish you well!