Goodbye Blobbo

Well, I got a surgery date of June 27. I am doing it then because I’m waiting to get out of school. It’s going to be a clipping because of where it is. I can’t say that I am not nervous about having somebody inside my head Playing Parcheesi I had surgery done about three years ago on my bone. They took out almost 2 feet of my bowel from diverticulitis. And that was a pretty heavy surgery to go and taking a piece of your body out but this one makes me more nervous. And maybe people think I talk about it a lot but it’s just my nerves. Any advice? Clipping stories good pr bad?

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I can’t say life hasn’t been different but all went well.
I’m probably much older than you are so this could contribute to why.
It’s amazing what Drs can do now and the Drs who do the coils are specialized.
It’s best for sure to get it taken care of before it actually ruptures. Mine ruptured so I’m definitely a walking miracle.
I’m sure you’re in good hands. Send me a note before you go in to have it done.
Best of luck.


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Thank you. I will be having this done two weeks after I turn 53! Three years ago on my 50th birthday I was sitting at the infusion center because they had to go in and remove part of my bowel because it was so infected. So apparently birthdays are not good for me!

Oh, but you survived Kassi and get to add another story to your life! The longer I live, the more stories I have and I do love to tell a good story😂. As @Joy says, Doctors know more today than they did even a year ago. Look at what they’ve done with craniotomies Materials used in cranioplasty: a history and analysis in: Neurosurgical Focus Volume 36 Issue 4 (2014) Journals. Or this Craniotomy through the ages - PMC

I would say your birthday has brought you some awesome luck and you’ve survived to tell your story.

Back in the ‘60’s, my older brother and I both had our tonsils and adenoids removed. We met a boy about my brother’s age who I now recognize as being horribly abused by his parents. I figure that’s what led me down the road to being a SW as he was a frequent flyer and one RN was livid he was talking to us about what his parents were doing. She separate us and he was crying on the way out of the room begging her to let him stay. Every hospital stay I’ve had has taught me something about humankind, be it good or not so good and I have used those experiences since then.

Your craniotomy will be the same I suspect. You’ll come out with stories that your students will probably want to know the answers to. You know your students well and some will be more kind, whilst others may be trying your patience but you know they’re doing this because they may be scared. Focus on how you’re going to explain what you went through when they ask.

I would also suggest you focus on things you love, it helps with the nerves which are understandable. I think for those who get to schedule a repair it seems harder on them than for those of us who ruptured, we certainly didn’t have to wait. The waiting seems to be the hardest from those who’ve posted here I think.

Remember to use your relaxation breathing, practicing often throughout the day should help a bit. Give yourself an allotted time period that you can acknowledge and focus on what is to come, be sure to remind yourself you haven’t ruptured and there’s a definite blessing in that!

Perhaps, 25% of rupture may not be a lot but I don’t like it

I also was very nervous about someone going into my brain. I trusted my Doctor and just had my one year anniversary of my clipping. I am 100 percent. I am sure you will be fine. These doctors do it all the time and is probably routine for them- good luck on the 27th - I will send you prayers!!

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