Follow up appointment-Good news!

I had my f/u appointment with my surgeon and CT scan. Everything is looking good, clips are in place and nothing is there that should not be there. I am recovering "with flying colors." Big sigh of relief. :) I asked about the metallic smell and taste and the doctor thinks it is normal and should go away soon. I go back in 1 1/2 years for an angiogram.

Oh, and if anyone remembers my issue with the staples being left in, I asked about that. They think it was from the surgical draping that is used. They use staples to keep the draping in place to keep the open area free from germs. With my "beautiful long dark hair, they must have just missed the staples."

Glad everything was doing good. Great news!

Terri...Happy 4th and many more pleased for you / your status...please stay in touch...


This is great news, Terri. Glad to hear that the staple was just missed because of beautiful hair :) How are you feeling Terri? I hope hope you aren't overwhelmed with taking care of the kids and recovering from surgery. Take care. You are still in my prayers as you are going through this journey. I still hope that you join us in the chat room some time.

God bless,

~ Carol

This has to be a relief Terri...Good News...~ keep resting that brain and keep on Healing...~ Colleen

Great news about your follow-up (And yes I recall the staple issue, thankfully it is no longer a problem) The docs explanation is reasonable enough (nice clean-up! the 'ol kill 'er with compliments routine-Lol) but really , very happy to hear you're doing well, Terri..

Take care, Janet