Flying Post Aneurysm Clipping Surgery


Well, I have not received permission to drive, but after a year and one month , I have earned my flight pin. I am ready for air travel and most importantly a change of scenery and environment.

I am extremely sensitive to sound, so much so, that I have left the church sanctuary while the choir ministers in song. And, I sit no where near drums. I also used baby wipes to stuff my ears ( that’s all I had at the moment) because dolby surround sound in the local theater was simply too loud. I now have noise reduction ear muffs and ear plugs. For every day sounds they are somewhat helpful.

My concern is how much discomfort may be caused by the sound of airplane engines and how much cabin pressure affects the inner ear. Prior to surgery, hyperacusis was not an issue, but now I have issues with even the dog barking, loud music, television volume, clicking sounds, etc… However, I still desire to take a trip.

Has anyone had any experience flying post surgery? If so, were you able to alleviate discomfort? Medication, beverage…? If you were not successful, I would like to hear all about it.

I want to eliminate being taken in to custody by Air Marshal for screaming hysterically in mid air.

Thanks and I pray everyone is positively progressing and/or adapting and adjusting post surgery.



I flew last year 4 months past surgery to Europe. No problems at all.

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I pray all is well with your recovery. Thank you for sharing. We recently escaped to Hilton Head Island via automobile. At least that was enough of a getaway to cease my complaining.

My first flight is scheduled for mid January. My neurologist suggested a short flight for my intial departure. Therefore , I will fly to DC which should be approximately two hours. I pray all goes as smoothly as your flight to Europe.

Again thank you.

Hi GNJ1stLady,

I also have a changes to my hearing after my rupture/SAH. In my case, the bleed was close to the vestibulocochlear nuclei (VIII) resulting in moderate/severe single sided hearing loss (65db between 2-4KHz) on my right ear The weird thing that the brain has compensated so I do not wear a hearing aid but have problems with sound location sometimes. Sound is really incredible and beautiful as I hear everything but have to reduce my dizzy medication (Neurotin) at an occasion as sometimes, it goes reverse and everything sounds bad (hyperacusis). Is your inner ear susceptible to any altitude changes. For me, it is sensitive in altitudes of 2-4K ft. When I flew, the altitude changes especially at descending caused such severe ear pain that I was buckling over with pain. I could not hear from my right side for 3 days. My Ear doctor recommended using the foam ear plugs. During the flight from take off to landing, keep them in your ears. During descending, apply pressure to plugs. This technique worked. It would be also a good thing to have your hearing evaluated at Ear, Nose and Throat. The doctor can also give a better evaluation for you whether it is safe for you to fly. There are hearing aids that can also be used to cancel out frequencies that bother you.

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Thank you so much for sharing your experiences. I will have an evaluation by an ENT. And of course, I now have foam ear plugs, aqua ears, and noise reduction ear covers, as well. I decided to delay my first flight until after I am evaluated. Based on your experience, I prefer to postpone my first flight to DC , as well as our summer trip to Hawaii. The last thing I want is to visit an island hospital while on vacation. I have a referral for an evaluation and will share after testing has been completed.

Again, thank you for the information.

I hope you have attempted to fly … If not here are some things I have to do. I had a clip in 2010, unruptured. I am very sensitive to sounds and smells so I have a routine that works for me. I have flown to Africa in 2013 and Alaska and Pennsylvannia and Lousianna as well. I do get severe pain if I don’t find a way to relax. I take a pill for sinus congestion and then put some lavender lotion or oil at my nostrils for the smell. Then right when we start to taxi on goes the headphones with music. used to have to use meditation style but now can just use music. Close eyes and concentrate on the music. Once in the air all good. Start to land on goes the headphones again. I have flown before my clipping and diidn’t have the same issues so this is my way of coping.
Remember that you have been given a second chance and you need to live as fast as you can!!

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Thank you for sharing your flying regimen. I plan to get my wings soon!

Sensitivity to sounds is something that I too deal with now that I’ve had a ruptured Annie clipped. I cannot go to movies, be in for worship, or function in any setting that chaotic or loud. The foam ear plugs are great, but by far my favorite ear plugs are from Best Buy. You must order them online and they are around $26, but they are comfortable, attractive, and they work well!
And as far as flying…I am able to do it! Praise GOD!

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Thank you for sharing the earplug info. I will definitely check the Best Buy website! Aqua Ears works pretty good, foam not at all!