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Finally a diagnosis and a team to work with me!


What an uplifting thread, Moultroub! It's so wonderful that you have been able to persist to get the answers, and then push through to find solutions.

All the best with continued success!



Thanks Seenie! We do have to make sure we don’t fall through the cracks! I love to learn and it’s great to keep learning even if it’s relearning lol.


Wow! I thought my speech issues (small) were due to just getting tired. I never associated them with my fixed brain aneurysm. Thank you for bringing this up. I am glad you are finding help with yours. You and others are in my thoughts.


Well I haven’t been doing Constant Therapy because I’ve been getting in the way of the guys working on my garden area. I have a pretty serious case of foot drop and we have to put paths in so I don’t trip over my feet. I can say that I am frustrated when they don’t understand me and I take ten minutes to draw a picture of something my words can say, but I can’t see in my mind. It’s amazing that it comes out on paper at all!

To be honest I also became very frustrated with not being able to see why I am getting some of the problems correct and some of the same type of problem wrong. I can’t seem to find a place on the app that explains how to do the math problem like we had when we were kids.


Moltrub...and All...

Aphasia may be helpful for your research...I had global aphasia... and there was/is expressive aphasia (Broca's in the frontal lobe area)... and receptive aphasia (Wernicke's area - closer to parietal lobe area)...but both practically ride on the edge of the temporal lobe...and the two are fairly close (well I always bring forth my own humor...we know our brains weigh apx 3 pounds...but the distance between the various lobes and structures w/in them and the ventricle structures area (3, 4 and lateral related to CSF...and 'potential' hydrocephalus and shunts)...

The ventricles are across the spinal cord from the Brain Stem...which holds 20 of the 24 cranial nerves...The other 4 (L/R CN1- olfactory (smell) and L/R CN 2 - optic) blanking on a proper word...perhaps 'intracranial'...and, the area is w/in or close to the sphenoid bone...that bone which houses are eye sockets, sinuses and the sella turcica cavity housing the (one) pituitary..

When you have time, interest, there is tremendous data available online on aphasias... and, speech impact and and and..... I am now mentally (what's left of it) yet involved in my research on the dementia to dementia-like conditions...and which also brings up the neurotransmitters... (two renowned examples of that are: dopamine / Parknson's... and serotonin / depression...and, there is so much more...

One other thing...the auditory cortex is soon beyond (next to?) the vision issues in that portion of our brain.. . and, I am memory (aphasia?) blanking on the term of the area as I type...

Some of us...not just me...had/have hearing loss in the inner ear...and, the auditory cortex is right behind our vision...(word blanking on proper term)...I yet do not know if the auditory cortex is the inner ear or another auditory portion... CN VIII (vestibulocochlear nerve); the vestibulo relates to balance, and the cochlear is the hearing..

Of importance to me to better learn/comprehend spatially...because for a decade, I could not 'see' a standard image online, including the one of the Circle of Willis on the BAF site... and, mentally see it in horizontal or vertical positioning... no matter the written words to comprehend on some image...

Speech therapy(ists) somehow relate to aphasia? Questions for the neuro-docs...???

I decided I could overlook my potential mixed word/definition...but if they help anyone in researching a word online for more/better description...and in setting up questions for their neuro-docs...IF any of the words I typed are least ask the neuro-docs for the correct terminology and function...