Feeding peg

Has anyone any experience of having a feeding peg put into the stomach? My famiy member is just starting to wake up after several weeks in a coma. He has been fed through a nasogastric tube for 8 weeks and the doctors are now saying he should have a feeding peg. He is just starting to take mashed up foods through the mouth but only a spoonful or two

I had a feeding tube in my stomach, when I had oral cancer. a feeding tube in my nose with the aneurym, I was in a coma for over two weeks, I had no problems.

yes i had a tube which went into my stomach thru the belly when i was released i was shocked that tube came with me because it had to remain there for 12 weeks even tho i was eating- i then had to go to my local surgeon who literally yanked it out with a quick jerk! i was so glad to get rid of that, i would coil it up and tuck in waist band then uncoil to flush it out daily-bizaar, but hang in there all these things will disappear soon-hoping & praying for a quick recovery! if you have any questions or need to talk just write me direct i'll be more than happy to help!

Thank you Ron. Your words helped. My family member had his feeding peg put in yesterday. I'm hoping he won't have it for long but his swallowing reflex isn't working properly yet. I would appreciate writing to you directly. HOw do I do that? Susan

Thank you Jo for your helpful reply. Susan

Thank you Wilma. Hope everything is going well for you now. Susan

youre welcome Susan!ok no problem-u just send friend request- i'll send you one!-take care!

ok i sent it-i just clicked on your name and it took me to your discussions & i clicked send message and window popped up to add friend- this site is hard but if i can do anyone can!