Falling Asleep

Does anyone else fall asleep if not fully engaged in activity?

Not me. I have issues falling asleep. Does this happen to you often?

You know, it was a huge problem in the beginning. For whatever reason, my doctor would tell me to take my pain medicine just to get some sleep. But I didn’t have any pain and I felt funny about doing that.

I believe some of that difficulty falling asleep is just an unspoken anxiety, maybe some fear. My insomnia disappeared after about six weeks and then all I could do was fall asleep.

Blessings to you! We are still alive! Moving on with life!

Had surgery 5 weeks ago on Dec 7, 2020…
Falling asleep has been difficult the past few weeks but I’m finally getting back on a normal sleep schedule. I think anxiety has alot to do with my abnormal sleep behaviors.

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Sleep is something I feel as though I no longer have much control over the when or how long especially at first. It was like I was missing a step in the process when I wanted to go to bed for the night, so a lot of insomnia. At the same time though, if relaxed and the lights go out as in movie theatre, concert, or even a theatre play once…I am fully engaged in the story or movie yet next thing I know I am nodding off. All of these have improved with time but very much still an issue, enough so that I don’t drive in the dark haha.