Extreme Fatigue

I have been so tired lately. I am just wondering how long this usually lasts after a ruptured annie. I can honestly drink like 5 cups of coffee back to back and feel no effect from it. Thanks in advance for any responses I get!


I had surgery on unruptured aneurysms a month ago, and have been shocked at my level of fatigue - I didn’t expect it to be so strong and last so long - and what you went through was much more than me. I can say that 4 weeks out I’m doing much better, but still get hit w the fatigue very hard sometimes. When was your surgery?

August 14. 2010 so I am at about 3.5 months. The fatigue is so hard to deal with when you have little ones at home! :slight_smile:

I’m 82 days out from a ruptured annie. In the beginning, I was lucky to stay awake for 4 hours. I’m just now working 8 hours at work. But by time I come home, I’m exhausted. Then by the weekend my body is so overwhelmed I sometimes don’t get out of bed on Sunday and the mood swings come and I cry alot. I think it’s different for everyone and is based on how hard you push yourself and how much support you have. Good luck!

i see this was over a year ago but i was searching for the same answer. i wish i could get a definite on how long to expect this severe exhaustion. i have 3 small children and i've basically had to hit the ground running almost immediately after returning home which i feel isn't conducive to healing but i don't have the choice. i can't seem to even take basic care of myself, much less my children and this is causing me extreme anxiety and depression.


My annie was unruptured and I am celebrating my 6 months today since surgery. I have had extreme fatigue until just a couple of weeks ago after finally getting rid of daily migraines and head pain. I am finally getting back to myself and look forward to a productive 2012. The fatigue was unreal, like you say, caffiene had very little effect.

I do hope you get back to normal soon. I know the fatigue was a shock to me and makes it very hard.



Today is my 6 months since surgery. Extreme fatigue has been rough. I am just now beginning to gain some stamina and strength. It's tough going and not was a shock. I hope you get to feeling stronger soon. My fatigue was also related to migraines and head pain...I am better since that has been put under control.

Here's to a Healthy, Happy New Year!


thank you for your input. at least i have some type of timeline. it's just so frustrating now knowing.

it's the recovery process, it takes time do a little more each day and rest and it would go away.I slept the first two months ,listen to your body.

After my rupture, I was fatigued for months. It was one of the longest lasting effects of my aneurysm. After about 6 months I started an aquatic exercise program designed for older adults (I was 45 at the time of my rupture and the youngest person in the class) and it was a good fit. It was low intensity and the perfect way to start regaining some of my energy. The water was invigorating and movements were simple. After awhile I moved on to a more aggressive class. But I didn't push myself. I only did what I could do. Your energy will return, but you have to let it happen naturally. Coffee never worked for me. Your body is still healing and needs time.