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Ear pressure

My Annie was 3 years ago on my brain stem. Was born with this . My veins are like a string of pearls that lead to my brain stem.
Any way… I have had many challenging things .Headaches,ear pressure , tightness in the back of my head. Severe anxiety . I need help! I’ve been to every Dr possible. Ent,headache specialist ,neurologists,psyc,
I wonder if I’ll ever feel normal again. I don’t want this to be my normal. Yes I’m thankful to be alive. Just want some normalcy. Thanks Sharie

Hey Sharie,
Welcome to Ben’s Friends.
Normal? What’s that?
I too have seen every specialist possible and basically been told 'This is as good as it gets", so this seems to be my ‘New normal’. But it’s far, far from any form of normal I’ve ever known. Once we have exhausted every avenue we can to find answers or obtain treatment we are often left with this awful reality and it ain’t nice, not nice at all.
Just know you are amongst friends here, we know what this is like because we have to live it too.

Merl from the Moderator Support Team


Thank you Meri!

**Welcome,Your not alone and sorry you have gone through so much. I to have anxiety it seems to get you at times that you’re not expecting it to happen. And so I understand the feeling of just wanting to get better and not have to face the physical pain. I try real hard to take one day at time. So days that works and other times it’s just to difficult. It is really nice you reached out there are so many nice people who understand. So hope you start to have better days. :cherry_blossom::sunflower:

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Thank you for your kind words!

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Did your Annie rupture? Do u know the exact artery location? The reason why I ask that I had rupture of the Vetebral/PICA artery in the brainstem. But, the location was on the higher side so I suffered a minor stroke close to vestibular/cochea nuclei (nerve VIII) So, at higher attitudes, I get severe ear pressure in my right ear. I use ear plugs at high attitude which works. Prior to my rupture, I used to have some similar things that u describe like a stiff neck and upper back pain. I do have tightness in the back of the head sometimes. Best of luck to u

Welcome! I know this sounds odd, but my ear pressure is actually due to my allergies which are really bad this year. Neck and head stiffness is not fun, try PT, it worked really well for me. Get a good therapist, someone who deals with brain injuries. A good therapist isn’t one who tells you what you want to hear, but what you need to hear and helps set goals to get where you want to be. Seems like if your anxiety is overwhelming, one of your doctors may have a medication that can help. Good luck and we are always here, this group is fantastic!

Yes mine ruptured. They say my veins didn’t grow properly to my brain stem. Like a string of pearls and twisted up. They say it’s hereditary. Not sure what artery it was . U don’t even know how many coils I have! Yes my ears even pop just walking in my house. Also I am on Xanax for my severe anxiety. My therapist seems to think I’m suffering from PTSD from my Annie . Ugh not sure!

Thank you ! I’m so glad I’m not alone.

I was thinking about how you are doing?Its hard sometimes with anxiety.One thing that helps me some at night is deep breathing.
I do understand how you feel on top of all the physical pain. Anxiety isn’t what want to deal.
Your not alone in this hope it starts to get better. Sorry the way I write lost a little ability in thought and speech.:tulip::heartbeat:

I finally took the plunge and I’m now in therapy to try to help with my anxiety . They have told me that I suffer from some from of PTSD . I thought all along I was happy to be alive and I am. But I guess I’ve never talked about the tragedy of what has happened . My chances of survival were 5% and of those 5% most have severe disabilities. I’m truly blessed to be here with not to many challenges. I will get they this!

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Dear Sharie, I also have PTSD and see a therapist. It helps to talk about what you’ve gone through. Not something you can just share with someone. It has made a big difference in my life. Good days for you!:heart:

The deep breathing will help…well everything, from BP to heart rate to controlling panic attacks. Also set daily, weekly and monthly goals with your therapist. Even making the bed before you start your day gives an immediate sense of accomplishment. I’m really proud of you Sharie, it’s a big step for one’s self to get into therapy, good for you!

Hello Shari. I too suffer from anxiety, for 25 years. It’s worse since my aneurysm a few years ago. For 25 years I’ve taken imipramine. It’s an old medicine but a great medicine. Your doctor may actually have to look it up. I take it at bedtime because it can make you a little drowsy. The great thing is that it PREVENTS anxiety attacks. It controls my anxiety so that it doesn’t escalate into a full blown attack. There’s a huge difference between feeling anxious and having full blown anxiety attacks, right? So, it’s not like the meds out there today that you pop a pill when you’re feeling anxious & they make it hard to function with the side effects. It controls and prevents attacks every day & you don’t feel all doped up. Maybe it will help you too. It changed my life 25 years ago and I can tell you it’s helping get me through my new normal struggles.

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