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Thankyou for your support and enouragement. I have defintlay stareted to be really mindful to drink more water and this defintlay helps a lot. I can see i dont like bending down but do have one raised Garden bed and this is the one im trying to slowly add things to. I like th idea of a chair whoever said that above, so sitting height, Ill check if mine is. Ive been driving short distances, a few minutes at a time and on back streets so not the busy fast main road we have close by.
Ive taken heed to most peoples advice of listening to my brain and im very fortunate as though i get pressure headaches they are nothing like the migranes i had presurgery. But the fatigue is the hardest. I rest when needed. I will read that neurofatigue by dr o’sullivan So thanks to who said that too.
Appreciate everybody’s advice.
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I know this has nothing to do with driving, but gardening is still a joy to me. Try a height of 18” (45.72 cm) for your raised beds. You can use cinder block, don’t know what they’re called in Australia, about two high with a two inch cap, easy to clean, permanent, easy to sit on. Cinder block is made of concrete so it may eventually change pH. Wood or timber can have a 2” x6” cap on top, just support it about every 3’ or 91.44 cm so it doesn’t bow. I found this for conversions of lumber.

If you’re concerned about chemicals, use a barrier. I built a raised bed about 18 years ago out of treated 2 x 6”, put roofing felt around the timber and it’s still sound. There are newer barriers that can be used that might be safer than roofing paper.

Happy gardening!



I saw a neuropsychologist who did testing for me. He reassured me I was fine to drive.