Drink water; drink water; drink water

In these messages I repeatedly read “drink water.” I also read where the brain is 75% water so that makes sense. However, could you fill me in on more detail? Does it help? How? It is so hard for me to drink water. My lab tests always say “dehydrated.” My granddaughter says if I drink a cup of caffeinated coffee, I must drink a glass of water to counteract it. I’ve been off caffeinated drinks for 2 weeks but it’s so HARD to drink water. I’m waiting on a cerebral angiogram to confirm a potential small aneurysm but my MRI also showed “normal age-related changes” such as small blood vessel disease. I will try to drink more water. Tips?

I hated drinking water too!! But I’m in the same boat as you now. I’ve been drinking more water for about 10 months now. I have placed reusable water bottles in my fridge. I find I like very cold water and will drink more if it’s so. I did also use some water flavoring (you can find it in grocery stores) at first. I kept reducing how much I used every two weeks till I was just drinking water.
I’m not perfect… I don’t drink just water… But I do drink more than I used too!
Good luck,

Thank you! I am working outside today and my water with some Gatorade tastes pretty good. Since the brain is 75% water I guess if one has a procedure it helps with restoration and healing? I know water is important, I don’t know the full scope of why.

I am not fan of water , but if it’s carbonated mineral water I have no problem and actually drink normal amount . So I recommend to try it .

I haven’t tried mineral water for several years. I’ll try again. Thank you.

Water will help every system in your body. Try it very cold put a piece of lemon in it and or lime.
Sometimes you just have to except it and do it.

Buy a couple of pretty water bottles to get you excited and motivated, enough to cover 2 litres of cold water a day, fill them night before and just sip it all day long, every time you pass the fridge.

You will eventually do it as a habit. You will notice a huge difference once your hydrated correctly just with tiredness, irritability, your skin will look better. Your urine will have very little colour and no odours(This is so good), very few headaches.

It’s really important for good health, just water. How simple for so many benefits. You can do this, you go girl (or guys out there)


Water keeps everything working at its best. Which includes muscles, bowels, kidneys and of course our brains. Here’s a couple articles from a quick search.

And here’s one study on the brain. https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/full/10.1002/hbm.20500

There are literally hundreds if not thousands of articles and research on hydration. IMO if one has ruptured, we need to restore the balance as quick as we possibly can, water and protein are the magic pills for this as both aid dramatically in healing. If one has been coiled, keeping hydrated prevents constipation and thus we don’t have to push to extract feces which can have a negative effect on BP, thus the coils. It also helps in short term memory and cognition. My BH was involved in a diet task set at work. A glass of water before coffee helped tremendously with weight loss.

Thank you. Such good ideas. “Just do it!” I like that - simple, easy to remember, and so important in creating a new habit. I also love the idea of getting fun/attractive bottles. Anything to make it work. I have been writing down each time I drink fluids but the idea of a measured container would be better. I appreciate your response and helpful thoughts. I WILL do this…


Thanks so much! Good articles. One comment I read—“think of water as a nutrient your body needs”—really makes a point. I take my pills/vitamins regularly, knowing I need to do so to remain well. The positive of this statement creates the awareness that water is HEALTHY as well as necessary. Whoa, right there with exercising, water is a must. You know, I suffer from “Gone with the Wind” syndrome: I’ll think about it tomorrow… Everyone’s comments have helped me take a clearer look at why water’s important — plus tips to make it easier to consume. Thank you Moltroub. Thank you all.

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The lemon/lime that SuzieQ recommends is great! I do this whenever we go out to eat. When we travel, we use Grayl for years, it’s a stainless steel thermos with a cartridge that cleans and purifies water. You can purchase the cartridges for different travels, even for untreated water. I went to their site and they don’t have the ones we got but it’s been a dozen years or so. There are other brands that do similar filtration. I would also suggest a Brita water filter pitcher or something similar. We have a well now and the water is very good. We still maintain a whole house filter and there’s a filter in our fridge for the water. Several years ago we gifted an infuser water bottle to a friend who had to drink more water. Although too much work for me personally, one just puts their favorite fruit in it and it flavors the water. I like the little packages of dehydrated lemon or lime and will use them most often in summer, even a little vinegar at times. There’s lots of ways to enjoy water, you just have to go on the hunt to find your favorite way.

Thank you — I will check these out online. We have a filter system on the refrigerator and that does taste better than straight out of the faucet. On occasion, I have put pieces of fruit (oranges, strawberries, also mint, etc) in a pitcher in the refrigerator. I liked that but didn’t keep it up. Right now, I’m trying to put a little lemon-lime Gatorade in my water to flavor it. (I thought I was buying G2 but goofed.) Just reading your comments make me thirsty! :slight_smile: The main thing for me is to make the commitment to drink water. Realizing its importance and ways to make it palatable helps so much. Thanks again!

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Hi my name is Roscella I have had 3 brain surgery and the way I drink water is I keep water On my nightstand and, I keep water by my bed so when I take my medication I drink it with water and everywhere I go I keep a bottle of water with me because you know we always thirsty and I’m take it Room temperature so that helps me a lot nice talking to you God-bless you

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Hello Roscella, I like water room temperature too. Thank you for your good tips. I find I am more mindful about remembering to drink water — and all of the suggestions I’ve received are so helpful. Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts. Blessings to you as well.

Thank you God Bless you

water is essential and as we age we actually need more water. being dehydrated is very hard on the body and brain. dehydration can actually mimic dementia especially for people over 60. so drink up! if you want to add things that include water eat lots of cucumbers, lettuces, fruit, melons especially watermelon, soups, popsicles, etc. hydrate hydrate hydrate. i’ve had 3 surgeries and have had headaches and vision problems but even these are improved with water.


Ms. Diane Welcome! This is great information, thank you very much! I have a weird question…is the lowering of body temp as we age due in part to hydration?

Thank you so much for the good information. I have become much more mindful of drinking water and keep track of how much I drink daily. All of the tips help so much. It has been hard to give up caffeine (my granddaughter tells me I must drink equal amounts of water for each cup of caffeinated beverage I drink.) I so prefer the caffeinated tea to the other. But — I’m changing my habits and taste. Coffee is actually starting to taste yucky. Bring on the watermelon! Thanks again.

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I make lemonade! Then I water it down so it becomes lemon flavored water. If you don’t want any sugar, then just add lemon slices.

I bought a water infuser pitcher and have fun with that- cucumbers, strawberries, melon- experiment and see what you prefer. I love infused water with just about any fruit.

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I recently took two of my favorite flavored vinegars, coconut and pineapple to my allergist for their water. I was surprised how a few couldn’t stand the taste. One of the RNs who gives me my shots held up the bottle of allergens and said is it supposed to be this color? It was very dark yellow. Not in my water I sorta replied. The next week I took in my large Tervis cup and showed them the color mine is. It’s about a teaspoon give or take of each which makes it a lot lighter than what they tried. The other RN apparently likes hers very strong as she loved it. ROFLOL