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Dr. Alexander Coon

Hi, I was a patient of Dr. Alexander Coon at Johns Hopkins. Does anyone know where he is now? I would like to see him for a follow up.
Thanks in advance.

Have you done an Internet search? The other thing is to call Hopkins and ask where he went. From my understanding, when a doctor leaves, they’re supposed to start end a letter and where the doctor has moved

I goggled him and it looks like he is still at Hopkins. He has a Twitter and FB account if that helps

I was a patient of his also. It is my understanding that he is no longer seeing patients. Dr Kaplan is now seeing his patients. He just did a follow-up angiogram a few weeks ago on me.


I have found Dr. Coon. He has landed at Western Neuro in Tucson, AZ. I had a phone consult with him last week. I still don’t know why he left Hopkins but was happy to have a consult with him.

Wow! Good for you! Happy dance!