Discovering new life skills

@JonAndrewA I miss being that busy person too…I try and I get knocked flat on my butt, but in saying this, I notice I can go longer at being busy each time I try. I don’t like to push too hard because then I suffer. I monitor how I feel. If I wake up and feel like I want to go, then I will fill my day with activity. If I feel tired, I don’t. I rest. I wonder how it is going to be when I start speech therapy. I am also going to join the gym so I can build up my endurance as well. I have the drive and motivation to try and get close to the point before I had my rupture. I like reading everything on here because it gives me hope!


I hear you on the gym, I miss being at the gym… Funny I also miss running, I was almost at a personal record pace for a 5 mile course I love when my aneurysm made its grand entrance. Someday I will run again. Until then, walking the dog and walking to do other tasks closer to home has been good for my sanity and activity levels.

I pushed myself too hard this weekend and I felt it for two days- even still today.

Some new things i have appreciated is that I do not want to watch TV or movies much anymore and I am at a good cadence now for reading to relax… I have been digesting books in the evening when my head usually gives me the “ok Jon, thats enough time for some dimmer light, no noise and less chaos.”

I keep telling my journal how thankful I am to even be upright, despite missing so many things with friends and family over the holidays… I am alive. I am alive. I keep saying I am alive, the rest is re-doable.