Cymbal Crashing

Hi there, I haven’t been here in a while but I need to ask a question. I am almost 4 months post-op. I recovered nicely but something is bothering me. I am having these weird episodes. I will try to explain to them the best I can. They happen at random times with no rhyme or reason. Does matter if I am standing or sitting doing something or not doing something. I get this episode of what feels like cymbals crashing in on my head I get nauseated very dizzy and black out for maybe 0.02 seconds and as fast as it comes it goes away just as fast as nothing ever happened. I usually don’t feel well and have a headache afterward and I am simply exhausted. I had these episodes pre-op and post-op. Just wondering if anyone has any insight to what these episodes are. It would be appreciated. Thank You.

You really need to call your surgeon today! I’ve not read of anyone having cymbal crashing but that doesn’t mean they haven’t. I am concerned, so please, please call your doctor!

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I completely agree with @Moltroub but there’s a possibility these are migraine-like or seizure-related symptoms. Migraine is generally considered “benign” (and brings all sorts of sensations) but obviously seizures are less so, especially if you’re losing consciousness, even for what seems like a fraction of a second. So far as I know, there’s quite a grey space between what is a migraine (or migraine-like) and what is a seizure, but the implications are more stark. Go get checked out :heart:

Please request an appointment ASAP. If you are having seizures (there are different types), they can be controlled with medication. There are also some new treatments for migraines. Please do not risk driving.


maybe its intermittent tinnitis? i have constant ringing high pitched `3 yrs post sah