Craniotomy my skull is caving in

6 months ago I had a craniotomy aneurysm surgery and now I am experiencing my skull shrinking in around my eye and ear has anyone else experienced this. I had an MRI done last week still waiting to hear from the doctor any news on this would be a great help thank you!

Dawn, you had a craniotomy I think…can’t help with those much but many other members can. You might want to add craniotomy to your title to get those members to respond.

The same thing happened to my dad. We were very concerned but the doctor said it was normal. I’m not a doctor and that might be different for everyone. I hope you’ll get the results of your MRI soon!

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Thank you! How long did your father have this sinking of the head does it ever go away? I know my equilibrium is off as well.

I’m not sure when it started, it came gradually. We’re 9 months post rupture and it’s still there.

Hi Dawn I had a craniotomy 2 years ago, I have quite a dent on the side of my eye/skull , I’ve asked about this and it’s normal after this surgery xx

Keeping you in my prayers <3 I didn’t have that surgery either when they put my diverters in but I hope you get good news soon !!

There are periventricular and subcortical foci of white matter T2/T2 FLAIR hyperintensity, nonspecific but compatible with moderate microvascular ischemic disease.
Test results from my MRI can anyone explain I have not heard from my doctor yet

@DawnL I had a craniotomy and a brain aneurysm clipping. I refer to the situation you’re describing as a “divot,” a term borrowed from the sport of golf. I’m sure there’s a more medically correct term.

It’s been 14 years since my craniotomy and brain aneurysm clipping surgery. Unfortunately, this physical deficit does not go away; in fact, it becomes more noticeable over time as the sunken appearance becomes deeper. This causes a significant asymmetry in my face. Yes, it does bother me. It’s noticeable in photos, as are the corresponding protrusions from my skull (upward topographical changes) corresponding to the areas below my skin where screws were placed. I style my hair with side-swept bangs in an effort to conceal it. But truly, it’s not that effective as a camouflage strategy.

Most of our forum members who have this situation consider it a badge of honor highlighting their survivorship. Accordingly, they have framed it in a positive way. I also have daily intermittent “drilling” pain where the corresponding screw heads protrude upward. Most neurosurgeons, including mine, say it’s not noticeable, and there’s nothing that can be done about it–short of an elective surgery to correct it in a cosmetic way, which would not be done by a neurosurgeon. Functionally, the divot does not pose a danger to the patient.

If anyone reading this has had theirs corrected and would be willing to share the name and location of the surgeon who performed the repair, I for one would be interested in following up on what could be done to improve this asymmetry deficit.

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I will keep you posted my doctor is referring me to a plastic surgeon and a neurosurgeon so the two can discuss my options thank you for your response!