Coils vs Clips

Why do some people get coils and others get clips? Does anyone know!

Hi Carolyn,

I am by far no expert but from what I can gather, size, shape, opening of the anne (neck) and location are the main factors, and then I guess its personal choice.

I personally was led to believe that Coil surgey is the prefered choice as it is less invasive, less risk during surgery, and has a speedier recovery period and that clipping is performed when coiling is not suitable. From first scouring this site, I found that those who did have clipping had said that they were unfortunatly not candidates for Coiling, so again I am thinking that coiling is the prefered choice of most, and clipping is generally performed when coiling is not suitable, but having said that I also read that those who did have clipping and recover well are happy, as clipping is seen as more final and no need for follow ups. So I guess clipping could also be personal choice.

I also used to think it was a case of whether or not it was an unruptured scheduled surgery (coils generally used) or a ruptured emergency surgery,, and due to the anne rupturing coils would not hold inside a torn anne and clips needed to be used but don't think this is the case as have also read that even in cases of emergency ruptures coils are used. And a few have told of scheduled clipping surgerys.

So after all my waffling I guess the answer is No!!!! I don't know.... durrrrrrrr but after confusing myself I thought i'd share :)

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Me again just read INCIDENTAL FINDINGS OF 5 MM Aneurys on the Forum,have a looksie at some of the comments, think it may answer your question :slight_smile:

Neurosurgeon told depends on age, size, where it is located, etc., I know they told me that it was good they could coil me because my annie was on my basilar tip ... not a good place to clip...however, I was lucky ... my neurosurgeon is one of few that will definitely surgurically go in the brain and clip a basilar annie if need me....but thank god that wasn't the choice...Oh a biggie reason too...they told me in my case my arteries were open ... no plaque or blockage, good for coiling...

I am not a medical person, this is all I know from asking my surgeon...

Have a nice day...Colleen

I can only speak to my situation. I had a 5mm one coiled. It was in the back of my brain by the circle of willis. The artery it was on was only about 2mm itself which I guess makes me an over achiever! I was clipped because as Gaynor mentioned the neck was too big. I don’t think it’s a caseof good, better, best as much as what will work and be least risky.

Thanks everyone!! Was just wondering.Have a great day. God Bless!!