Christmas and Seventh day of Chanukah 2022!

What a wonderful day to be surrounded by loved ones. This morning I was reading about Judah Maccabee and reflecting on how against insurmountable odds he and his band won. Many of us can relate to what that near impossible feat took as we too have been able to face insurmountable odds and come out good.

This week we are fortunate to add three new members:

@AmandaDawn00 is here in down right unbelievable cold North Carolina. Ms Amanda has had pain behind her right eye, had her MRA where two aneurysms have been located. Being in the medical field, she knows what can go wrong and is more worried. Sometimes ignorance is a blessing. I imagine her next step will be finding a neurosurgeon…

@Sueellen178 is somewhere up in the Northeast of the United States I imagine it’s chilly up there as well. Ms. Susan had a pipeline stent following a brain stem TIA and prior to that a vertebral artery dissection with aneurysm formation, yikes!

@paulinaskye is out in California where hopefully it’s warm. Paulina’s mother suffered a rupture that went undetected for six days! She is a miracle Paulina! Her mother has had four procedures and her father is fighting for her recovery, Paulina is attending University of Southern California (USC) and is upset in the insurance company refusing to get her mom the help she needs.

Come and talk to us, we may be able to help with our experiences, just start a new topic under General!

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