Can I recover my memory after ruptured aneurysm

I had ruptured aneurysm on June 23 2015 and surgery done with glue clip on 24. Physically I recovered very well till now , but having memory problem. Not able to recognize 5 mnts back event. I m 37 yrs old, I m worry how much time it will take to recover my memory condition .

Hi Richard, Glad to hear you are physically on the mend after your traumatic experience.

After such surgery, memory issues can be a side effect, however in most cases these issues resolve them selves after a few months.

The best thing that you can do now is to make notes as reminders of things to do, soon you will no longer need to do this and CHILL! you have come through the worst and the future is bright!

If the memory issue has not got better after 4 months, then book an appointment with a Neurologist, they can assist you with this side effect, however I am sure that your memory issues will improve over time! Just avoid stress and chill, all will be good.

Please keep us updated on your progress.

Kind Regards


Hello Richard,
I’m sorry to hear. I also had a rupture ( delayed treatment w Vaso spasms ). I was a real mess when I came home 7/11. Since then, I’ve rebounded nicely. I’m still not working, however I can run, bike, drive, play softball, read books… Whatever.

I can only attribute this to exercising ( running or biking) & a daily dose of vitamins, & doing puzzles & reading. I had my surgery at Thomas Jefferson in Philly & they couldn’t stress enough to exercise ( if you can) & work the brain like a muscle.

If you can exercise, I highly recommend. It pumps more oxygen to the brain making for a faster recovery. The vitamins :
Omega 3- cognitive
Neuro Optimizer- cognitive
Daily vitamin
Rutin- strengthens vessels
B12- cognition & energy

Our brains have been thru hell & back, & it needs to restore back to what it once was. These vitamins will expedite the recovery. Obviously speak to your Dr. before you take any of these, just to be sure( he shouldn’t have any issues).
A daily regimen of exercising, vitamins & some kind of puzzel or reading, will improve your memory, faster then any other way.

I know it’s not an easy road, but it’s a road you have to go down regardless… You might as well go down guns blazing!!

Best of Luck, & get well soon!!


It is not easy, we are all going through the same experience!! Best of luck!!!

I had a ruptured aneurysm, vaso spasms and hydrocephalus in Feb 2012. I couldn't walk , speak or swallow food for months. After months of rehab I overcame these difficulties but I still had problems with my memory. I challenged myself to learn to play mahjong, scrabble and once I had control of my finances I subscribed to Luminosity(a computer program to strengthen my cognition and played it every day. I gradually started to see improvement. More importantly my friends and the Neurologist began to notice a distinct improvement. I now have friends that tease me about my incredible memory! I too took vitamins. Don't give up it takes time and patience to recover from a traumatic brain injury. Good luck and get well soon Marjie

It’s been 3 1/2 years since my bleeding aneurism and clipping. I can say with confidence it gets better!! I’m back to work full time this year. And I feel more like myself than ever before since my SAH.
I practice memory skills everyday on Lumosity (an on line skill building program). I think time is the biggest help. It just takes time. Be nice to yourself. Know this is hard stuff, and stay thankful you are still here to heal. Best of luck to you. It does get better! Cindy

I had a rupture at 37 years old as well. Memory issues were real bad for about 8 months to a year then seemed to improve. It was very gradual. I still have issues 4 years later but by no means as bad as right after. Don’t be too hard on yourself it takes time. Try some memory games designed like for kids or look for some memory building apps. Over stimulating really seems to set off mine real bad where my brain feels like mush where I can’t recall anything. Hang in there and be patient it’s a long road to recovery.

I have been reading all of your replies.....I "remember" waking up in the middle of the night trying to remember some fact or place ......I would spend countless hours on my computer trying to figure out the things that I had problems remembering. When I solved the problem it made me feel so much better.....Just a thought!!!! Marjie

I can relate to what you are going through. I also had a ruptured annie on 1/8/05. I could be talking to someone and maybe start my sentence with the word The and I couldn't remember my thought after saying the word "the". That went on for a good while. Then I started to be able to remember long enough to complete a sentence. Then a whole thought. Don't get frustrated, it takes time. Your full memory may never come back. I was told if it didn't come back within a year, it my not come back fully. I now have facial recognition problems. I have a hard time remembering faces. Have you started speech therapy yet. I know, you think that speech therapy won't help your memory, but it did help mine. Try to get enough rest, so as to rest your brain so it can heal. I wish you the very best Richard, will keep you in my prayers for full recovery. Everyone is different, so you may experience something difference on your journey. Hopefully, a really positive outcome.

I too had a hem orange but do exercise as many days a week that I can 7 years post still tired cognition a problem with the added complication of a cut Neuro physiologist believe all of my difficulties are a result from my vision trouble left field-cut whereas, a portion of each eye does not see leftwhat type of vitamins are we recognizing are beneficial for brain injuries? needing to get off of the plateau I seemingly have been on forever need to see progress and getting any increment better I don’t like the new normal. progressively getting more angry Generally a positive person However ugly and angers sneaks out every once in a while

I had my AVM burst 17 years ago and I still have some issues with my short term memory . for me repetition helps me at my job . when I learn a new machine I have to write everything down at first . Then after some time of doing it I just start to remember . I guess it needs to turn into long term memory or something .
I can remember things from when I was a young child and teenager even stuff up toy aneurysm but after that it is spotty . missing some of it . the healing is different for everyone though . I wish you the best and I’ll pray for you .

My son has real issues with short term memory and we started him on EHT and we have seen a big improvement.

Hey Rich,

I had 2 of ruptured aneurysm on Jan 15 2015 and coiled on 16th. Grad to meet that other similar age in here! I'm 39.

Physically I recovered very well just like you and now people do not recognized me that I was in hospital for 42days.

"Not able to recognize 5 mnts back event." , Bro, wow, it just sounds like me!!!

Also I could not recognized event that happened today or yesterday.. so confused.. frustrated.

I had hard time with my memory lost, but trust me, things will change when time pass. Your brain will cure more faster then what you think.

I used to changed my online passwords(email, bank, and etc) more then 10 times because I could not remember and now I figured that out with write down on note. (It was not easy for the first time, but now I write down almost everything, every event, time of meetings for make sure, and it help me things to remember)

MOST DIFFICULT THING was.... when I back to work on August and it was hard to remember things that what I did at work (web development, CODE skills.), so I bought some books related with my major and it helps me a lot.

Hi Richard.

My name is Miguel Rodríguez. I'm from Veracruz, México, and I also had an surgery of an rupted aneurysm on September 7, 2012. And it's true, there are some memory problems during the recover time, but with effort, exercises an a lot of patient there is possible to recover part of your life again. Don not feel desperate, and try to trust in God. With a lot of exercises -try the Lumosity site- to training your memory are the best for your brain.

Any other advice I can give you, don't give up!, you can do it.

My best wishes to you Richard, and let me know about your improvements.

Miguel Rodríguez Sáez, from Veracruz, México.

7 years after rupture and clip still fighting the same issue! Have found one vitamin Focus Factor seems to help! I am almost double your age though...will be 69 in Dec.

I find if I get too anxious about anything... boom there goes my memory.

I keep telling myself, hey kiddo you got lucky and survived this traumatic event, and I can do almost everything for myself, I just get a little messed up on directions. All my around my area road maps were erased from memory.:(

Richard, my rupture and clipping was in 1988. I was 33 years old. Being young helps to heal faster. Being in good physical condition also helps. Still, I too had memory trouble. It is to be expected. It will get better I'm sure, but, when I'm overly tired or if I push myself too much, I will stumble with a thought or words. I will also feel a pain in the area of my clip. That's when I know I've gone too far. As has already been said, all of us have had our brain suffer through a major trauma. We will really never be as we were. Some will see very little and some will have to adjust to more. Over time you will know what your limits are. What you can and cannot do. I was 33 when my life changed. Today is my 61st birthday. I've been more fortunate than many that I made it this far and can continue on. Go slow and let your body and mind do the rest.

Agree but now I’m 53 when injury occurred I was47 adjusting to the new me is very tough I don’t like the new me. but sometimes recognizing and just realizing that most don’t survive what I have an knowing God has a am is sometimes not emough

Your memory can improve but you will still have some deficits .......that's why my dr told me. Its important to work your brain..........I have a job where I have to describe things and I do a lot of writing.

Everyone is giving you great advice. Rest your brain and let it heal. Trust that it will. As an ASH survivor from April 2012-Some things I still forget and then other things I remember vividly. Remember to breathe, it helps so much!


Went through an SAH a decade ago (3 follow-up procedures to relieve vasospasms). Had major short term memory problems; now they are minor and continue to improve. Two main reasons: the brain somehow 'reorganizes' over time - it really does. Second reason, a lesser one: I have worn a 9.6 Exelon skin patch (changed daily) to enhance neuro transmission. Take heart. Christina