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Calcified aneurysm?


I have a 10mm communicating artery annie but 4mm is calcified. It is shaped like a butterfly. I am a 71 year old man with heart problems. Both conditions were diagnosed this year. My neurosurgeon and I decided to monitor it for 6 months. I am reluctant to have the surgery (has to be clipped) because of my age. I’ve also been told, not by my neurosurgeon, that because of the calcification it is less likely to rupture? Does anyone know anything about this? Thanks and this website is great!



Hey! Welcome! Glad you found this group :slight_smile:

Always go by your Neurosurgeon statement/knowledge. Sometimes things that sound like common sense have the opposite meaning in medicine/cerebral aneurysms. Your Neurosurgeon and their team is the best to clear things up.

I found a retrospective study on calcification

Unfortunately this next one isn’t available until this summer, but you might want to ask for a copy or maybe you can email the author

Good luck!



Thank you, Moltroub, for this information. We’ve only been to the neurosurgeon once, the beginning of March. He suggested we monitor it for 6 months since I’m newly diagnosed with heart failure/afib and under the care of a cardiologist, really didn’t know the rights questions to ask as we were dealing with both conditions but will ask them after my mra in September. This forum has helped a lot.



Taking one thing at a time, is a great philosophy! Make sure you keep track of your questions in your phone or keep a small notebook so your readily prepared. Best of luck!