Bulge or aneurism?

I had my unruptured aneurism clipped three years ago. Today I had my three yearly scan. The clipped aneurism is fine but they found a small bulge. The surgeon is unsure if it is an aneurism or just a bulge. Is there such a thing as a bulge that isn’t an aneurism. He said he has to look at my scans from three years ago to see if it was present back then? Freaking out, mentally I can’t deal with this right now!

Hi. During my surgery For a 5MM aneurysm I was found to have an infundibulum which based on what my surgeon told me is a widening of the vessel, but nothing to worry about for now. You can google it for more info. At first I freaked me out to say the least. It was hard to let it go and move on, but learned from other people on this site and in my life, that you can’t live in fear. I’m not sure what they mean by a bulge. But I’m sure you can clarify this with your doctor. Best wishes!

My son has a “protrusion” from his aneurysm (he had a ruptured PCA aneurysm 5 years ago.) This is a small bulge. His consultants monitor it with yearly MRIs and it’s been fairly stable, tho seems to press on the third nerve, which affects his eye. Hope this helps - it seems an aneurysm can bulge a little.