Brain aneurysm 3mm ICA

Incidentally i found i have 3 mm aneurysm i did andigram and ct scan with iv injection and now i planning for treatment hope to see your advice am 34 and dont want to live thinking i have aneurysm so i want to treat it and in country they do clipping and flow diversion and coiling
Is the surgery safe or am gonna be disable.

Shall i do the surgery and wait and see

Which treament is better

And what happen after surgery

Hey Faisal,
There are way too many variables to the questions you ask.
Is the surgery safe? All surgery has risks and neurosurgery even more so. This is something that the surgeon should run through with you and discuss, if not, then ask. Make a list of you concerns and take the list with you for your next appointment. I say a list because I was a ‘little’ overwhelmed and left the appointment without asking some questions. A list would have helped me remember.
Where is your annie? I understand it is within the brain but its location can play a big role. The deeper within the brain, the more invasive and the more damage. This can have an impact on all of your questions.
Although any brain annie is a concern, 3mm is considered to be small and at a lesser risk of rupture, but again this can depend on location. This can also be why some dr’s may recommend ‘wait and monitor’ course of action.
Which treatment is better? Again location plays a big role. But it also depends on your surgeons recommendations. This can also have an impact on post surgery recovery.
I hope this assists in answering some of your questions.

Merl from the Moderator Support Team

Thank you for replying

I think my annie possibly Inferior hypophyseal artery or suprior

I did andigram but docs still not told me exactly where but last time i remember him mention if my aneurysm were in cave i dont need to do surgery if not then we can discuss further on 18/06/2018

Is surprior or Inferior hypophyseal artery is it hard loction and what about the risk to operate there

I am not a dr and I’m sorry to say but these are questions for someone way more qualified than I. I do not wish to be providing false or misleading information. Each dr will have their own opinions to an individuals conditions and treatment options. For these reasons my advise would be to consult your specific surgeon.

Merl from the Moderator Support Team

Update :- my surgery on 1/07/2018 diverter flow
Risk without surgery in 5 years 0.4%
Risk in 45years 3.5%
Risk post surgery within week of surgery 5%

My aneurysm location and size :- 3mm superior hypophyseal
Supracliouid intel carotid
Opthalmic segment

Dont gave me two option wether i do surgery or wait
I decided to go with the procedure

One thing he menthion that the diverter flow will cover the aneurysm plus it will pass another vein which supply to optic however he say it wont stop the blood supply to the optic

SHA aneurysm

Count down for my surgery and am so scared that cant sleep i feel like i wont survive it though maybe because am anxious and worried alot

Dont know what should i do how ever it is my choice
But i feel no other option

Now am on aspirin and pulvix for 10 days before surgery and latradine

I have done brain aneurysm surgery with flow diversion pipeline

I been discharged the third day after my ct scan showed no bleeding and doctor said he happy with the result

Next week i have appointment with the neurosurgeon to check again

Overall i feel normal and my health seem not been affected from the surgery however the second day i had severe headache while coughing
No more i feel am back to normal

And am still continue monitoring my health day by day trying to see if I experienced any strange symptoms

Hope this help

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I’m so happy to hear that your surgery went well!