Brain and life magazine

This magazine is free and/or online. It’s all about who we are and so informative.
I had surgery for an unruptured aneurysm and left the hospital with a stroke in the executive brain function on the right side. They never told me nor my family and I was there for 1 week. No rehab, no pain meds. When I finally could think, always with excruciating pain, I realized I couldn’t read, remember or function. My girlfriend’s ex husband was a neurologist and after 22 months, I-found out. It took 12.5 years to get the neurologist to tell me (with nagging). Luckily I taught myself with a BS in Psychology and M Ed. 13 years later I’ve seen a neurologist once. I have face blindness which makes sense. Brain and Life magazine explained where it is. I can appear normal but everyday there’s something. I’m 73 and this happened when I was 60. I don’t know if I just count on me after such a mess. I have Lupus too…in remission since 1981.

Somebody asks how I handle it…just ignore and get on with the day. Worrying is worse and doctors scare me more.i still need closed caption so movies are work.
I’m bored but ok. Try the scientific magazine. I love it.

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Thanks mary w! Here’s a link to the magazine:

Thanks for adding that!
They may have back issues on line. I get the magazine
In the mail too.

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Most welcome Ms. Mary! I checked the Same You organization, they have partnered with healthcare to do rehab PT, OT and talk Therapy in the UK! All on some type of platform where the specialist can interact with the patients. How neat is that!

I wonder if the States or Canada or somewhere else in the world is doing it?

Here’s a link for all our UK friends.

Mary W., Thank you for sharing your story and your suggested resources for us.

Thank you! These are really helpful.


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It was the most miserable experience, ell,Hoag in Newport Beach

Is the best…get and keep your records.