Botox for TMJ

I had a craniotomy in 2014 (age 34) to treat an unruptured MCA aneurysm. I have a small dent in my left temple as a result. I have suffered from TMJ my whole adult life but it has reached new levels over the past few years. One side of my jaw is much stronger and it often dislocates and causes constant headaches. I don’t know if they cut my temporal muscle but I suspect it might be related.

Just wondering if anyone has tried Botox injections into the jaw to relax the muscle? I have a consult on Friday.

I don’t know how this question was missed Kit. Hopefully someone can answer your question. Sorry you’re having difficulties, but I’m glad to see you back!

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Hi Moltroub,
I’m doing well! I hope you are too. I feel bad even complaining about this, because I’m soo good otherwise. I just had 5 year scans and all clean!

One additional update. I had a consult and the doctor wouldn’t do the Botox. No specific reason, other than the word “aneurysm”. Which seems to scare a lot of doctors and now he wants me to see a neurologist before he’s willing to do the jaw Botox.

Hey Kit,
Don’t be feeling bad asking questions. We all have questions, who better to ask than other patients?

I have had a few Botox treatments but not for TMJ.
I can understand your Dr’s hesitation in administering botox, especially with an annie involved.
My treatments were administered by a neurologist into my neck, face and shoulders and they stung REALLY bad. I had a mild headache going in and a chronic headache after treatment. Some people can seem to have a miracle relief on the first treatment, I did not. I followed through with the ‘recommended treatment program’ for 6mths but I didn’t get any great benefit.

It was explained to me that if the pain is as a result of muscle tension, Botox can help. But as mine is not muscular then the benefit wasn’t there. From what you are explaining, a treatment on that one side maybe just the medicine, I strongly recommend having an in depth discussion with you neuro, asking all of the pro’s and cons, taking your own personal circumstances into consideration.

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I’m glad you’re doing well @Kit34 ! I’m doing a happy dance for you. I know there is a neurologist where I go that does Botox injections, mine does not from what I understand. Mine is extremely cautious with all meds of any type. The other one I saw once and he isn’t from what he ordered for me. The new neurologist took me off it immediately and said to use it only when absolutely necessary. I forget the name but it’s highly addictive. Even with gabapentin he was conservative and my Neurosurgeon took me from 100mg to 600 mg upon reading my neck MRI.

I’m glad you reached out to our group! We’re here any time you need us, just be patient. I am doing well, thank you for asking. Had my fourth procedure in Dec where she used a Neuroform Atlas Stent and it seems to be doin the trick. I think the follow up MRA is in June.

Big hugs to you!

Hi Kit,
I’m experiencing the same thing! I’ve dealt with clenching/grinding prior to my surgery for an unruptured annie but in the past year I’ve been dealing with more frequent pain/headaches. I have done Botox in the past for migraines and it helped but insurance won’t cover dual therapies and I had to decide between the treatments or the Ajovy which has helped and costs a LOT less. I have an appt with my neurosurgeon in July and I’m going to ask him if he can order the Botox since they do cut that muscle during surgery.
I hope you find relief soon!

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