Blood Pressure problems

I see blood pressure issues are a common factor in many stories. Prior to annie coiled in October, I had a few occasions at my primary doc when my pressure was high and he bordered on putting me on meds. A couple weeks ago he wanted me to monitor it and I had some 175/110 readings. He put me on a low dose. I asked about the relationship to the annie and he didn't think so. I find that hard to believe! Throughout my hospitalization, I wondered if I saw him that fateful day, if he would have checked me out the way this other doc did and had me go to the ER. I asked him. Maybe it was just me, but he took his time with that answer.

Also, I asked him for a note for work. ( I work in a stressful place, a maximum security state hospital for the criminally insane as an art therapist. While I was in the hospital, within a week, two occasions of a patient murdering another patient happened ) . I have worked there over 23 years and have a lot of time accumulated. He wrote off an FMLA leave form from October to early December. Friends encouraged me to take off December as well so I did. I go back 1/5. My doc could not ethically write me a note for being off the month of December. I see Interventional radiology again sometime soon, so, I am sure I can get a note from them.