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Blessing in Disguise


June 13th 2018 was a great day. We had just gotten home from my daughters ice skating camp and had stopped on the way home to get her birthday cake. We were talking about what we would do the next day, her birthday. I had fallen asleep on the couch, and my husband was trying to wake me to go to bed. He told me multiple times that he was going to bed, but for some reason he just didn’t. I finally woke up and stood up to walk to bed, and then it happened. I felt a pop in my head followed by immense pain and humming in my ears, loss of my sight and the ability to walk. I was aware long enough to tell my husband to call my mom, who is the coordinator of our EMS in my town. I don’t remember my mom coming to my house, but she made the decision to call the ambulance when she arrived. I have vague memories of arguing with the police officer that arrived first because he wanted me to wear an oxygen mask, but it smelled bad and I was getting sick by that point so I was refusing. I also have small memories of my son crying and asking my husband what happened. They took me in the ambulance to our local hospital. The EMTs are like family here, as I have worked with them for years, so they all stayed at the hospital with me. I have heard so many stories about the fight that I put up, which I still just can’t believe. They had to sedate me to get me into CT because I was so combative.
They confirmed the SAH, and told my family that MedFlight was on the way and would be there in 15 minutes. They flew me to our UW hospital in Madison, where the Neuro ICU was awaiting my arrival. I have no memories of any of this. I remember waking up after surgery, restrained to my bed and being just heart broken that I had missed and possibly ruined my daughters birthday. By this point I had lost about 3 days. I had been through a craniotomy and multiple scans. I had tubes everywhere and just wanted them out. I was told that I had pulled out my feeding tube multiple times as well as my iv’s and arterial line. I had bruises everywhere! The surgery was successful, they clipped the first ruptured aneurysm and fixed a second one that was found when they went in. I did have to spend 2 weeks in the Neuro ICU, but I was up and walking and talking by day 3. This is where my memories start. They are still spotty for the next 2 weeks, but I do have some memories. I was lucky to come out of this experience with only a few small side effects that I hope will subside in time. Our family was rallied around for the entire time I was healing. I was off work for 10 weeks and I was able to have my husband with me for 6 weeks of that. I received cards, emails, messages, meals, visits from everyone. This experience, while horrific and heartbreaking, was an eye opener for us. We forget how lucky we are to have such wonderful people in our lives. We forget to not sweat the small stuff, because it really isn’t that big of a deal. Every day I thank God that I was able to stay on this earth, and I look for my reason to be here. I want to get out and help others. I want to do everything I can to enjoy my time on this earth while I am here. I want to change someones life and outlook on the world the way all of the amazing people around me changed mine.



Thank you for sharing your story … it’s wonderful you have so positive feelings and energy ,very touching to hear you have had such a great support of your family…