Barrow Clinic Second Opinion Program


In case it will help anyone who may have to wait months for a second opinion, or if they can't afford or don't have access to the best doctors, I wanted to let everyone know about the Barrow Clinic in Arizona's second opinion program.

They are one of the most well respected institutions for aneurysm treatment, the best doctors, high volumes of surgeries with a very high proportion of positive outcomes.

All you have to do is go to their website and click on aneurysms on the left and then you just have to upload your images, fill out a form to tell them more about your case, and probably give them access to your medical record, pay just $100 by credit card and they will give you a second opinion!

I haven't done it yet, since I am still waiting for my HMO to approve one further test, so I can send them all of the images at one time, but I was so excited about it, I felt compelled to tell everyone.

I truly hope this helps and perhaps other well respected institutions, like John's Hopkins or others, have similar programs. I plan to check into that too.

Bets wishes to all and enjoy your day!



Good to know such a program exists. Please let us know how this works out for you because there does seem to be quite a bit of value for helping unfortunate patients to make a good informed choice.


Anneurysm rupture in 2005; the hospital has had to intervene with more coiling in Basilar tip area, it cannot be clipped. I have insurance, but the co pays etc. have ruined my credit. The last bill was $64,000

another was 200,000. Sad but living and working, age 65

Wow - that is really awful. I also had a basilar tip, but I was lucky - it was caught before rupture. I had it coiled and stented in 2011 and luckily have not had any changes since.

I have a friend who has several severe lung diseases that is in the same shape. He just received a bill for $15,000 for a drug he just started. He is only 59 and he has said that he and his wife could probably never quit work because of his medical bills.

Your case is undeniably why I support medicare for all.

A friend of mine did the same for his cancer, except it was Dana Farber. His doctor was the one who had to initiate it - the original doctor contacted Dana Farber and received an appointment to discuss his stage 4 cancer. I think it cost more than $100 - It's good to know there is something comparable for brain annies - I know a lot of folks here that wanted 2nd opinions.

I just looked at Barrow's site. My computer security is not letting me go to the link for 2nd opinions - it is saying their secure certificate expired 7 days ago and it is not safe to go there. Computers - we can't live with them and you can't live without them....

Good luck and take care, Mike.


Hi Sherri,

I'm so sorry the Barrow Clinic website is not working for you. I do know that they suggest you have google chrome downloaded to use their site. Also, if you call the main number, they will get you in touch with Stephaine, the second opinion coordinator.

Bets of luck and all my best wishes to you!


Hi Everyone,

I just submitted all of my images to Barrow Clinic online, today, paid the $100 and faxed the three test reports. We really want a second opinion, since the MRI showed an aneurysm and the MRA stated I had two aneurysms, and very specifically characterized both of them in a very detailed manner. The third test, the CT Angiogram now states there are no aneurysms, so we definitely want a second opinion. Of course, we would be thrilled if there are no aneurysms, although we are very perplexed by the whole situation. If the MRA and MRI gave us false positives, I am perplexed as to the reason any neurosurgeon would "watch and wait" any aneurysm using either of these technologies. I will keep everyone posted. I will also push for my HMO to do a cerebral angiogram, but I have to meet with the neurosurgeon first, for which I now have a referral. I will let everyone know how that goes too!

Enjoy your weekend!


Hi Sisters and Brothers...

I just heard back from the barrow neurological institute, the center with the largest neurosurgical volume in the world and the #2 ranked training program for neurosurgical residents, and the #8 neurology facility in the united states according to us news and world report. for $100, i sent my images, all three test reports and the vice chairman of the neurosurgery department, dr. albuquerque, reviewed my information and sent me a second opinion...he suggests a cerebral angiogram to be definitive on whether or not there are one or two aneurysms and to be sure about their size.

I am beyond pleased...they sent me the second opinion in four days, including saturday and sunday...their normal turnaround time is 7-10 business days! I highly recommend this program to anyone and I say my prayers every evening and morning for everyone contemplating treatment for or recovering from an aneurysm rupture. This second opinion will help me so much in making the case for a cerebral angiogram with my HMO...I have 2 high priority referrals in for a neurosurgeon, for the anuerysm(s) and a neurologist, to rule out MS and other demylinating diseases which my MRI could not exclude.

Peace and love and God Bless!



I am happy for you and wish you luck with your HMO! Please keep us informed.

Great information Michael! So happy that the Barrow institute is doing this and has supported your belief that you need an angiogram. Hopefully the HMO will see to it that all is done.

Sherri - perhaps your friend can contact the pharmaceutical company and get hardship support. They would just have to go to the company website to fill out forms, etc.

Updating everyone, as promised...

I just had the cerebral angiogram yesterday and the interventional radiologist told me I have an AVM. So, I will probably shift over to that site for support lol. It has been a pleasure chatting with and getting to know some folks on this site and I wish everyone continued improvement and joy in your lives! I want to thank you for your genuine caring and support during my time on this site.

Be Well,


Hi Moltrub...

Just saw your reply and I wanted to thank you personally for your reaching out and for your emotional support while I was on this site.

Be Well,


Hi Campanile...

Just saw your reply and I wanted to thank you personally for your reaching out and for your emotional support while I was on this site as well.

Be Well,


Just to follow up...

I was also diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis on September 30...I mention this, since I mentioned wanting to rule out MS in my original posting and I wasn't sure if I had shared. We hoped to rule it out, but grateful for a diagnosis as early as possible and now I can deal with it and do what I need to do.

Be Well,


Oh Michael, you are more than welcome! We have some AVM people here so don’t feel like you have to leave - maybe join both! AVMs have aneurysms just the same. Sorry about the MS diagnosis that on top of AVM is a lot for anyone…

Hug the people you love!

I also submitted my info to the Barrow's Second Opinion Program back in May. Actually, they were one of 6 opinions. After hearing from one of the neurosurgeons that I consulted with that he would go to Barrow's for surgery if he himself needed surgery, I also found the second opinion program on their site. Unfortunately for me, their opinion only added more confusion to my particular situation in which there was no general consensus among the surgeons of how best to treat my aneurysm. I ended up going with a differing opinion, but the info in the Barrow's report was very helpful nevertheless. Best of luck ,Michael ,as you proceed with your situation. It seems like a long way to get there, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. It's always nice to come on here and get support and information along the way. I actually found my surgeon on here after 2 survivors shared their experiences with him. That, along with an independent neurosurgeon's recommendation of him clinched the deal for me! Best of luck, Patty

Hi Micheal,

I would not pay the $100.00!. They are over rated in my personal experience. After SEVERAL attempts to schedule an appointment with a specialist that deals with SAH and jumping through their hoops of all the Dr.s they sent me to I was sent to a neuro Dr that specialized in cancer patients. After I believe 5 different Dr.'s I was sent to and the numerous appointments (geez and the gas to drive to all of these appts) My husband had enough with them. Great thing is I do not have cancer but I already knew that before I was sent to this Dr. I was looking for a Dr. to give me a second opinion and the migraines and the meds after my SAH and all the other lasting effects that I was experiencing. I have found who I think is a great neuro Dr. and has no affiliation with Barrows.