Aspirin and stent blockage

I know this is not as big an issue as other posts here but just wondering if anyone knows of any longterm issues of taking aspirin? I have to take it for the rest of my life. I had PED 11.01.2011 with minor complications. The stent is blocked so that no blood is going through. This is apparently okay because it is located within the circle of willis and as such enough blood is being supplied. I am worried though of brain atrophy as my brain seems to be getting more foggy and my speech is also not as fluent and easy. Any feedback will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Hi Chris, hope all is well.

Every issue is important, that’s why we have this group – even if we don’t find answers, someone may be able to point us in the right direction.
I’m pretty sure all PED recipients are taking aspirin for life, so we will see how people respond. I take 81 mg daily myself since 10 days prior to my PED insertion on June 6, 2011. As far as long term issues, I am aware of nothing but good things, e.g., taking aspirin daily can stave off a heart attack and/or stroke. Having never questioned it, I did a quick google search of risks of aspirin regimen long term, and found lots of info which, at first blush, gave a good impression of an aspirin regimen. So I would suggest you start to see what you find that way. You can also try searching daily aspirin and brain atrophy. Sometimes all you need is the right wording in a search engine.
Of course, we’d love to hear what you find so please keep us posted.
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Hi Chris,

I know from previous research that it can aggravate ulcers, cause tinnitus, bruising, vertigo, and lightheadedness. It also can hurt your kidneys or liver, esp. If you have liver or kidney disease… However the risk is low, and lower if you are on the baby aspirin dose of 81 or 75 mg. After months of Plavix, aspirin is nothing as far as side effects. And yes, I believe we are all on aspirin forever and should buy stock in Beyer. I would talk to your surgeon about the speech and atrophy… Are you on other medications other than aspirin? If so, that might also cause side effects. I read to take vitamin c with the aspirin to minimize the blocking of the vitamin. And minimize any alcohol drinking due to increase in bleeding by 700%.
Hang in there! and let us know what’s going on!

On Beyers aspirin 81 mg. and some time later, around ankles I have like broken blood vessels which look like freckles that I did not have before this regimen. I had an ultra sound, to see if there was any blockage and my arteries are in good condition. Finally, I was told by the doctor it probably is from the aspirin.

My question to you is this, I was taking a compounded estrogen formula, and want to go back on them, for various reason. I'm wondering if any women are taking hormones and would appreciate a reply. Thanks you!

I was originally told I would have to take the aspirin for life but at my 6 week review I was informed that was no longer standard practice and it could be stopped after 1 year. I have now stopped taking the aspirin as I am 17 months post stent.

Interesting. If not for my blocked stent, the doctors considered weaning me off my aspirin. Wonder what other factors make them decide whether to continue or to stop. Thanks for your input Jennifer