Antibiotic Users - BEWARE of Bactrim/Sulfamethoxazole and trimethoprim

I was recently prescribed this medication for a UTI. My doc prescribed it because I just got done with a dose of Amoxicillan for Strep Throat, and he wanted to give me something stronger.

I had only taken 3 doses so far, and I got one of the worst headaches of my life. Very close to the day I had my rupture, it scared the crap out of me. I just had my "wellness" scan in Feb; so there wasn't a new annie to worry about. But I was worried about my clip, so I went to the ER. The did a scan; everything was OK with the scan, but the ER doc recommended a spinal tap to ensure no bleeding. Thank God for Google - I knew going in that the antibiotic could cause headaches, but the ER doc didn't know anything about that. I passed on the tap - I'm very pain sensitive and I was alone.

I'm almost 24 hours out from taking the last dose of antibiotic and headache free. I researched further upon returning home, and the top 25 results talk about headaches for this medication, user reviews say they can last for days.

The common name is Bactrim, but it was prescribed to me with the Sulfamethoxazole name. Beware of this med, and the devastating headaches it can cause.

I'll still follow up with my neuro to make sure I don't have anything wrong with my clip, but I wish my PCP had used Google before prescribing that to me!

I cannot take this medication either. Just like you I had a UTI and I was prescribed bactrim which made me violently ill all 3 days that I took it. Ironically, this drug started the course of events that ultimately brought me to the ER in March where my Annie was found “incidentally.”

Sarge...thanks for providing this info... probably saw it on the news...the Perdue Chicken Farm (Ohio?)...has their chickens off antibiotics...yeah, yeah...

YES!!! Even pre rupture, when prescribed bactrim and 28 days after my last dose it sent me into Stephen Johnson syndrome, basically ansvalacis, my host started to shut down and I almost died. It was the second most painful event in my life next to when the brain anueryms ruptured.