After the surgery?

I had my anerysum surgery on may 7, but I am still having problems with spells of not being able to see, ringing in my ears, sweating, and disoriented. I had an EEG which came back abnormal. Waiting on results. Anyone had symptoms like these.

Becky...I had ringing in my ears and terrible headache from coiling...but EEG was not is good that they are checking you out...I attributing the ringing in my my swelling of my head...Gotcha in my Thoughts, keep us posted...Colleen

Hi Becky,
I’m new on here, just joined. I was browsing thru the posts on the forum and came across yours, you & I both had aneurysms on the same date 7th May! Also I am struggling with the same symptoms as you - sweating, ringing in my ears, visual problems and also the tiredness is overwhelming some days - been told by neurosurgeon all textbook post SAH symptoms.
On a good day I can push the hoover around but on a bad day I struggle to even brush my teeth and still haven’t been able to walk my 2 dogs (paying dogwalker) I find that if I have a shower (previously simple enough) then I am shattered and have to either lie down or go to sleep. I know this is all “normal” but it is sooo frustrating!

i had a ruptured anny in oct 09 n had all of the took a good 6 mo to see a decrease but not totally gone...its our brain regaining its strength and recooperating from will get better just take it slow n easy,being careful not to rush..i also never us3d to take napps but now welcome them w/open arms..those too will decrease but for now rest all u can...prayers coming yalss way...m8chelle-n-texas