After surgery journey

I am 8 weeks post craniotomy aneurysm clipping. My symptoms started with a thunderclap headache while at work, pain unbearable that I knew wasn’t normal. It took me two ER visit for the aneurysm to be discovered, first hospital said I was having migraines smh. Fast forward had surgery 6weeks after onset of headaches. Surgery went well only fatigue, leg weakness, and headaches but not as bad as before surgery. No major memory lost, only slow delay getting my thoughts together so I had high hopes of making a full recovery months down the line until I start having major dizzy spells to the point I’m really afraid I might fall and hurt myself, And I wore glasses for over 10 years now I can’t put my glasses on because my eyes hurt really bad when I try to wear my prescription glasses. Has anyone else had these problems weeks after surgery?

Hello Meanie45!

Hope that you will be feeling better soon! I went through the same up and downs during my recovery process. My surgery was in the month of November/2018 and I had many good days after the surgery date. I would go for walks, I was in good spirits etc. February comes, I thought that I was going to die. I felt exhausted, couldn’t lift my head - let alone walk, the desire to do things and the energy level was at 0. I went to see my family doctor. Blood work showed that my iron levels were low. I started taking iron supplements and I felt better slowly - slowly.
Remember, it has been only 8 weeks for you. Give yourself time and take it slowly.

Take care!


Welcome again and thanks for posting Meanie45! I’ve learned craniotomy procedures are a good deal different than the endovascular procedures I’ve had but one thing most of us share is a very long recovery time it seems. If you ruptured, it takes a good bit longer due to the amount of damage caused by the blood going where it shouldn’t. I would strongly suggest you reach out to your Neurosurgeon’s team which can be done through your portal if you have one or just give them a call. Either way, be patient waiting for a response. We do have to have a lot of patience being a patient. Let us know what they say please.


I have 2 MRI scheduled in a couple of weeks.
My Neurologist don’t seem to be as concerned as I am about my sudden severe dizziness. He seems to think it’s not post surgery related since it’s been 8 weeks and I didn’t have major issues right after surgery. I hope I’m wrong but I got a feeling something is off.

Hello, I’m nine years out from having a clip. Surgery went well and as you recover you will find different changes in your body due to the disruption of your neurotransmitters. Example: I no longer have the ability to perspire so when I get hot I get dizzy and quickly dehydrated. I’m a little more frank than I used to be and other minor changes. You may want to keep a record of things you notice and communicate them to your doctors. It does take time to recover so don’t overdo it. You will find lots of helpful resources on this site. Best of luck to you.


Thank you for your input. So glad I found this group, now I don’t feel alone during my recovery. I talk to my family but they truly don’t understand my everyday struggles so it’s nice to read and receive feedback from people who’ve had the same experience. :heart:

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Sadly, those closest to us try their best to be supportive but just can’t understand all we deal with. This group is a relief from those who can’t get it. Hang in there and I will say a prayer for you. Take care!

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Sometimes we just need to listen to our bodies don’t we? I do and I remember my Neurosurgeon’s questions “What have you eaten or had to drink today?” Her mantra seems to be “hydrate, eat protein, hydrate some more, rest and repeat”. It’s really sound advice! Like @SeeJ says, our neurotransmitters need to reconnect, it takes hydration, protein and rest for that to happen. Check with your doctor on how much you need or an RDN, please,

Yes Indeed I need to listen to my body. I surely thought I was going to snap back to normal after surgery. Moving around to much causes me to not being able to function for a few days. Rest rest and baby steps from now on. I’m learning that the brain heals different from the rest of the body. Thank you for the feedback it truly helps :heart:

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Hiya Meanie45,

Oh my goodness yes. Really bad dizzy spells. Thankfully, most of the time it was when I was already lying down, but there were a few times that scared the bajeezus out of me, bc i was standing, with not much to hold onto.

I tried different BP medications (6 in total), they did scans, and tests, until 1 (absolutely brilliant dr) thought it might be an inner ear thing. Now, I was thinking, this severe dizziness can’t just be from my ear. It’s not possible. I tried the “Epley maneuver”, and it helped. I still had dizzy occasions, but I just kept repeating the maneuver. If you get very very dizzy, make sure someone is with you, but it’s safe to try. Lie on a bed with your neck back, and hold for 20 seconds, then move your head to the side for another 20 seconds.

If it’s not an inner ear thing, no harm, no foul. You’ve just forced yourself to lie down and relax for 40 seconds. But if it helps, keep doing it. I haven’t had a dizzy spell in months. I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for you.


Hi, try to see a neuro-opthomologist they Work with brain tmi and how damage affect sight. G pop d luck to you. Stay positive

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