After effects after coiling

I had a 8mm aneurysm coiled on July 14. The surgery was successful, I was very lucky, I had no symptoms of an aneurysm, it was totally found by luck. Since my surgery I haven’t had headaches or any side effects accept, for dreaming. Prior to surgery, when I slept I slept so sound I never remembered any dreams. After surgery I dream almost every night, and some of them are really stupid. I had asked the dr., if this was a result of the surgery and he said it could be, they are not sure what really happens to the brain after an evasive procedure. I was wondering has this happened to anyone else? For me to get a totally restful night of sleep I have to take 2 Aleve, they put me right to sleep.

Well this is a long time since you posted but I thought I’d reply anyway! I have the same experience. Before coiling an unruptured aneurysm I would sleep with no dreams. Now I have vivid dreams. I’m just four weeks out tomorrow from my surgery, and so am curious if this is something that changes with time. Right now I’m quite enjoying it!