A Glass of Wine?

This might seem like a dumb question. I am just wondering if there is a time when it is safe to have a glass of wine like back in the day before this happened to me???

I don't mean a fall down, get sloshed drunk. I mean just a glass of wine and be a bit care free....just have a bit of the old life back before coiling on ruptured brain aneurysm and wondering when headaches will go away and how working full time will affect me etc....

that being said I am completely grateful that I am alive ,I survived and look very much and feel very much ( except for headaches, some fear, some exhaustion and not tons just some) like I did before the whole surgery happened. If it means I have to quit drinking then I would trade it for my recovery in a heart beat and a half. It is not imperative, it would just be sort of nice to chill and have a glass of wine - oh maybe two, hey going crazy i know...LOL You know on a Friday or Saturday night or for the holidays coming up.. a bit of the old me....just a bit.

I know my surgeon said of course smoking totally forget it and great on that one.. exercise i do all the time - I am in really good shape. Before this happened i was training for cycling on 50 km's or more....so i was really cutting back on alcohol anyway....as well, i think all this exercise is one of the reasons I recovered so amazingly well. the medical profession, friends, family, co workers, anyone that knew me before and sees me now are completely amazed at how well i am doing as these things are not easy to overcome...

So, my first follow up appointment is coming up in early november. the 11th of November. I have been only 25 days now since surgery, but doing so well so that is why i am asking this question. I am feeling incredible. I don't want to ever mess that up either. wondered if any of you guys had any experience with having a drink. I also know i have to see how my brain responds to alcohol now too the doc said. so, figured I would throw this out to the experts. You guys....any one deal with this one???? thanks Jamie

Hi Jamie, about 10 months after surgery I called my Drs. office and ask if I could drink wine and they told me that I could. My aneuyrism was unruptured when it was coiled I think you said that yours ruptured I dont know if that would make a difference, the only safe way to find out would be ask your Dr. It has been 16 months since surgery and I still havent drank alcohol because I take so many Blood Pressure meds Im not sure I can mix alcohol with those. I do miss having a glass of wine especially when I go to Olive Garden. Sorry I couldnt be more help let me know what you fnd out about this.thanks. Laurie

I can’t imagine a glass of wine hurting you…however, it would depend on what, if any, meds you take…

I would suggest having a small glass, a quarter or half to check out any reaction…and, by all means, ask your md…about having that glass of wine to celebrate your follow-up meeting 11/11…

thanks. I had to put my bulldog down to sleep yesterday. so i had a couple wine sprtizers. i ended up fine. did not take the pain away but I am okay…actually less of a headache this morning…
My bulldog had full cancer and was only going on 5 years old this week the 29th…she had full cancer. I did not notice one thing wrong with her before my burst aneurysm - noticed nothing…she was panting and unsettled badly while i was in the hospital…when i got home that very night we noticed 2 large lumps under her neck…she was full of cancer and it was suggested that we put her down…i just got home!!! so we did the tests for her etc…got meds to give her some time and us some time and see if that would put her in remission some…it got worse over the next 3 weeks but not until I got stronger and better and felt a lot better and could see a whole day without a nap…then she was very very fast to go down hill…so that is my story…she was here to be my nurse and take good care of me. Well, this has nothing to do with a brain aneurysm other than it was a reason to have a couple glasses of wine…thanks for all the feedback everyone and speedy recovery to you all…

I’m sorry about ur dog :(. – I’m 2 yrs post SAH coiled and I have red wine periodically, my dr said it was fine. I find that it gives me a headache so I haven’t had one in awhile but my friend told me about red wine with ‘no sulfites’ - and I don’t get a headache withthat one!!! It’s called Our Daily Red. it’s a very inexpensive bottle and one glass is all I can manage. But sometimes I just like to feel “normal” and one glass isplenty for that

Jamie sorry to hear about your dog. That must have been devastating.

I wish I could tell you what to do with the wine but I’m plum out of ideas. I actually have wondered the same thing. Can I have a glass of wine to unwind at the end of the day; my annie hasn’t ruptured. I really don’t know if I should have a glass or not. It would be nice to sip on a glass though.


Please remember to check your medications. For example, alcohol can decrease the effectiveness of many seizure medications. Take care.

checked my meds. i have no seizure meds. thanks for the awesome concern…i have pain meds and i have been careful and really decreasing what i could have had for drinks before this all happened.

however. can i add this? do not live in fear…just be super careful and double the i’s you dot and the t’s you cross…but do not let this situation take your life okay??
I am the old me now. well without the smokes that I snuck in the and the amount of drinks…i a;always worked out stupid hard. i mean to the point of ouch…so I am working out decently now but not overly stupid level of intensity. no smokes. and some wine …not piles of course. i do remember i have to take care but I cannot let this rule me …i let it give me guidelines and i listen to them well, but i cannot let it draw a new me. nope;

Am sure U did OUTSTANDING @ your appointment…

I have A glass A glass of red wine every Sunday evening. I’d have ONE a night but I presently live with my mother.

She’s eighty. I hope to move to Texas where my son went & two brothers live. The brothers are of the opinion (having A glass won’t kill me if the ‘Annie’ didn’t AND my DOCTORS AGREE.

Marianne who commented below: I AM SO SORRY about your dog! Mine LITERALLY saved my live b4 she passed away. And YES, check with your doc AND KNOW EXACTLY WHAT MEDS U R ON. (re: the wine. RED is a better choice than white…it has antitoxins your body can USE. (DOCTOR again)

totally agree. I am not going to deprive of everything. my docs the same. the annie did n’t get me. the wine sure won’t. I am not swimming in it…LOL
that is tough when you are having to make sure that you are living a certain way for a parent. Ugh.
you must be taking care of your Mother as well as yourself

Am not allowed to take care of her. Actually Mother ‘kills’ a case of cheap white A WEEK. AND serves it to my UNDERAGE cousin @ Sunday lunch. TWENTY ONE in Mississippi and Olivia is SEVENTEEN. I’ve ‘caught’ mother drinking he water. DRIVING. NOT with ME in the car after THAT. I CAN TELL WHEN SHE’S BEEN DRINKING…unless of course she was riding that camel she was chatting about.

I routinely have red wine. I’m 4 years post-op but have had red wine for some time. It doesn’t interefere with my meds. Interestingly, I never drank red wine before my aneurysm ruptured, it gave me headaches. So I only drank white wine. Since my ruptured aneurysm, red wine is the preference. I don’t tolerate white wine as well. Really weird. But I never had an issue with red wine since my rupture.

Excellent. I like my down time with my wine. not stupid crazy as it gets painful. aging and an anuerysm but it is nice to look forward to some wine.

I survived and I look forward to some wine when all the chores and the day is done.

your reply made me laugh. thanks for that /…LOL

Mother won’t ‘allow’ me a glass RED wine, but my UNDER AGE niece has wine.

uh ohh…that is not right. is it because of your medical history??? are you of age to get your own wine?

just wondering. mother’s are funny. Mine is very odd actually. the things that they allow one is not good for another. some times we have to make separate decisions from mom’s. It is good that you are following her ruling even though you are older and wiser…and you are not needing to maybe??? good job for you!!!

I DO believe I am OLD enough. I’ll be 59 on the 9th & OWNED a liquor store b4 ‘annie’…I NEVER sold to a minor OR a ‘street’ person. Have been in ‘assisted living’ since Hurricane KATRINA…am only out for a Sunday late afternoon meal. Debbie (cleans the church) is afraid of mother. MOST people are afraid of her. My niece has NO BIZ drinking ANY thing. HER mother totaled a car on a one way street in the AM. Mother is SERIOUSLY going to kill herself or someone else…She 'swims through a CASE of white wine a WEEK. Do you REALIZE when KATRINA was

*I REALLY NEED to go to Texas & family there…however mother-the-conservator dosen’t agree…so this expensive place is where I still am with people 75 & up.

yes i know Katrina. I am sorry you are in such a situation. You are 59 years old and did you have a bleed? then you had coiling?? just wondering. you might have told me and I did not remember…talk to many on this site.

why do you stay with mother? You cannot go to texas if you want or do you need assistance to be there?

how do you like where you live? i have read that you are the youngest at your home. how are the staff? how are the others? do you do anything interesting with your time?

sorry just re read and saw that you said 75 years and up.

when did you have the bleed??? you owned a liquor store. interesting. what happened to it then?

sounds like you have an interesting story as well. Mother is in charge of where you go and when you come and go then??

It is interesting to see what the changes are in all our lives when these things happen to us.

Do you have headaches and any pain from headaches??? what about blood pressure meds???

is there some things you can do to make the best of the situation with the others that you live with???

If it were me i would be offering painting nails and stuff like that and curling hair. all those sort of things. or writing letters to family for those that cannot.

if you make a project out of helping those around you it could be something pretty special for you but more for the lucky ones that you are involved with.

what do you think???

My mother & sister honestly give me headaches. ONCE a MONTH we write Hospice patients but the lists are kept locked up. We have a hairdresser & nail person who come here weekly. We are not allowed to push a wheelchair or clear tables, I am BORED & THAT IS NOT HEALTHY … Only ‘allowed’ in my (thankfully) private room after 5:30 pm.

I don’t have a solution until I get to TEXAS & I WILL. THEN I WILL have a life & be useful to any & everyone around me. It’s the ‘one day’ that keeps me sane.

There is so much illness/death/& discontent here I am just nice to EVERY one & PRAY a LOT.

Marianne, you are not very old whats stopping you from moving to Texas right now? Do you need assistance taking care of yourself? I dont know you just seem to want that so much so whats stopping you?