6 month angiogram!?!

I have my first follow up angiogram next week. This will be the first time I see anything related to my aneurysm or stent since having it placed almost 6 months ago. Super nervous and ready to get it over with at the same time. Hoping for good news. Any advice from others that have been through the same process?

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I’ve had several. Drink plenty of water the day before so it’s easier on you for the needles and the catheter. It’s much easier when you’re hydrated. Remember to breathe. Breathe out when the needle goes in that way your muscles aren’t tense and it doesn’t hurt. Think positive. Have your house in order.

When I’ve had mine, we usually spend the night in Winston as it’s easier given I’m up at odd times to take the prednisone, the last one is one hour before procedure. We go to a nice restaurant the night before and then after I’m released, we go to a very nice tea shop in Winston and I get different loose leaf teas.

And let us know how it turns out…best of luck!


I had no issues. Came back with aneurysm gone.

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I’ve had a ton of neuro angiograms. And they are really so routine now. And Moltroub has given you good advice.

Just remember, this is just a precaution and it is also the best way for your surgeon to see how everything is in your head. No other procedure comes close.

When the radiologist gives you a shot of local anesthesia…make him/her wait at least 10 seconds before he/she makes the tiny incision at your femoral artery. It really makes a difference!!

And as Moltroub said…breathe. Just concentrate on your breathing.

I have had over 20 of these things…and they are necessary. Luckily for me, I’ve had the same interventional/vascular radiologist since all this started for me a long time ago.

Good luck! Relax and just know when it’s over and you are lying on your back…you’ll get to have some cookies or crackers with some knock off brand of caffeine free cola!!

And take it easy after…for the next few days. Drink plenty of water and stay hydrated!!

You’ll be fine. And your surgeon wouldn’t have closed you up 6 months ago if he/she thought you were going to have a problem now. Your surgeon is confident everything’s fine. This is just a precaution.

Take care and let us know how it goes!!


I just had my 3 month follow up angiogram and doctor told my family that everything looks great! I was a nervous wreck leading up to it too but it was easy. You will be fine but definitely plan to be home the entire day after. No lifting or bending for a few days. Good luck!

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You’ve got this! The hardest part for me is lying on my back flat for 3 hours afterwards. I got a flexible stand that my wife clamps on the bed to hold a phone or tablet which helps the time pass by. Echo on hydrating! Don’t rush back to work or moving too fast the next few days, let your body heal and pamper yourself. I’ll have my 4th angio in April. Let us know how it goes!


You probably know it’s standard procedure to re-check at this point. I wouldn’t worry about it, it’s nothing compared to what you’ve already had done but I do understand the anxiety associated with having another aneurysm “procedure”. Be well and don’t worry.


I too was very anxious before mine. I was sedated, relaxed, but awake. I watched my entire angiogram being done on the monitor. I found it to be quite interesting!

Hi, I’m just wondering about the reason for the prednisone? I’ve had a coil embolization & follow up angiogram but was never put on prednisone. I’m having a pipeline done in 4 days on my 2nd of 3 aneurysms and just happen to presently be on prednisone for a bad cold. So how is prednisone advantageous? Thanks!

Great advice to stay hydrated. Something so simple I didn’t even think of. I feel like I’m chronically dehydrated so I’ve been drinking a lot over the last couple days thanks to everyone’s suggestions.

My kids are sick for about the 100th time this winter so I’m really trying not to catch anything before my angiogram. I’ve been waiting 6 long months to see my progress !

I would think to reduce inflammation or maybe even spasms?

I’m deathly allergic to the contrast dye both types without the prednisone, I’d go anaphylactic it’s problematic as I have to carry my own benedryl with me and take some if it’s been more than an hour before the procedure. We also learned that it helps if I take a couple right away when I’m in the room instead of having to wait for the resident to agree I need the shot. Once my throat was swelling, RN called the resident He refused to order the shot believing no one is allergic to gadolinium. The third time the RN called him, she had suggested I ask for my doctor. He was forced to call her, my shot was already prepared and the RN was shooting it into me before she hung up

Wow! Sorry to hear you’re faced with that. It’s a shame when we have to argue with medical personal about our own body!

Thanks! I owe a lot to the RNs who treat me!

I had my 9mm Annie coiled over a year ago now and have not had any kind of a followup procedure done as yet. The attending has been contacted but still nothing. I am a tad concerned to say the least !

There have been several members that don’t get follow ups. It may be due to the specific country or the doctor, I’m not sure. Do you recall what they told you before you were coiled or released from hospital? One thing you might do is look at your country’s or the facility where you were coiled protocol. It may also be that the surgeon has moved. So you might try calling them again. In the States it seems like most, but not all, people who have been coiled get a six month MRA or CTA to check on the coils for compaction. Good luck and let us know how you fair.

I have my 6 month scheduled in a couple of weeks. Thank you for asking this question as I am nervous too. Lots of great advice, thank you so much for it. Puts me at ease a bit.

So I ended up having to reschedule my 6 month follow up angio because of the flu :tired_face:

Bless your heart. Easy for me to say but kick your feet up and relax. Sadly, the waiting is the worst part. Hopefully, they can get you in soon.

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Hello Everyone! I had my six month arteriogram at Forsyth Medical Center in Winston Salem, NC last Monday! Dr. Don Heck is absolutely amazing! I had a webbing device put in my aneurysm in March! The good news is: Everything looks great and he was very pleased! The only wrench in the works was that we had to use my femoral artery again instead of my brachial! I will take that any day just to hear great results. I share this to encourage all who are facing that dreaded six month angiogram. The waiting is the worst! Take heart and know that this is the gold standard to determine how things have gone! I am grateful to be alive! I wish everyone a beautiful Fall Season!

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