5 months post surgery temple headac

Hi! My surgery was June 24 2020. I am experiencing temple headaches daily. Right temple. Had a craniotomy to clip an anereusm that was leaking blood. Recovery has gone well except for the temple headaches. I take tylenol for them but it doesnt offer much relief.
I have a smaller aneurysm on my left front they are watching until next year.
The headaches are daily. I also am still more tired than normal. I’m exhausted by the end of 4 hours of work. (I clean houses).
Anyone else with these types of things going on after 20 weeks?
Ty for your support.

Headaches are very common after surgery, unfortunately. Watch how much Tylenol you take, you don’t want to mess up your liver. Sometimes medication can cause secondary headaches, so be aware of that. The best thing I found is my mantra, hydrate, protein and rest.

I’m sure a lot of members will chime in, give them time.

Thank you so very much. I do meditate and it helps a lot! I’ll continue to work on it. Much appreciated!

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Don’t forget to drink a lot of water and eat at about 90 g of protein each day. The dietician in hospital told me 90 g but you may want to reach out to your doctor. Mine had me drink three of the $1 size Gatorade’s along with equal amount of water each day after each coiling.

That’s interesting. I do forget my water bottle at times. And I’m not eating nearly enough protein. Will be more conscious and work on both of these things.
Thank you!

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Hydration and protein are both needed for our brain to heal, so be very mindful you get both every day. There are lots of discussions on this, you may want to do a search here. I recall there was one member that while pregnant had to drink over a gallon of water a day, I think it was.