3 April 2022, 5 new members!

I apologize for being a day late, I’m probably a dollar short as well, but I no longer have to do the finances :joy:

@pmooty has joined us from Massachusetts. His wife just found out she has an aneurysm and they’re terrified on top of raising three girls! Patrick, this is the group that can help calm those fears! Please start a new topic under the General tab and let us know how we can help.

@hattia02 is from sunny San Diego. Hany has a lot going on - gout, aneurysm and bleeding. Perhaps a rupture? On top of all that a nasty divorce with other life stressors. We can’t much help with the divorce and custody issues, but we can sure offer support. Welcome Hany!

@Kdouglas is from Santa Cruz, a beautiful area of California! Katie has quite a story of her rupture, y’all really need to read her profile. She loves cats and traveling with her family. Not sure if she loves weeding, but it’s part of her story…looking forward to you posting Ms. Katie!

@MamaTo3Girls is from MA she also has 3 children. They found a small aneurysm incidentally and now her anxiety is off the charts. Tracy also loves to cook, travel, the beach, coffee and cocktails. I can relate😂. Start a new topic Ms. Tracy, we’d love to learn more…and we can certainly help with our experience on incidental finds, many members find out that way.

Last but not least is @DevinE from Washington, also a beautiful State with Mt. Rainer towering over it. Devin has a wide necked aneurysm and will be having it repaired in May of this year. Devin’s mother had a 33mm aneurysm repaired. Another cat person this week with two fluffy cats. Devin’s a bit nervous about the upcoming procedure, we can certainly help with that!

Welcome to everyone and we look forward to your stories and interactions with either replying to a topic or starting a new topic!

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Hi All! Nice to meet you!
Glad to be apart of the group.


Hello @DevinE
Welcome to our group that no one would like to be a member of. We have all “been there, done that” in one way or another. Hopefully your will find some valuable information among our stories. This group has been very supportive for me personally, after my rupture on my internal carotid artery 18 months ago, also before my second surgery with additional stent and more coils, one year ago tomorrow. It has been a wild ride for sure but I am still here. The additional surgery was a mild breeze compared to the rupture. It’s a good thing that you will get the aneurysm taken care of before it ruptures. I wish you all the best. Take care.

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