21 year old, 3 months post op, trying to feel normal again

Hello, I am 21 years old and discovered I had 4mm aneurysm about 6 months ago.
I recently had a flow diverting stent put in about 3 months ago, I have been on piax and aspirin and set to go off piax in 5 days and continue aspirin for another 9 months.
I have have some questions and would like to hear peoples experiences slowly going back to the things they used to do.
For the past 6 months, I stopped drinking, going to the gym, drinking caffeine and postponed my studies. I am looking at obviously doing all these things again. Many of these things have really hindered my social life and confidence. Can I go back to gym and start lifting weights again? Can I have drinks on a night out with friends?
One of my other concerns is that I was taking ritalin as needed to focus on studying? I have not taken it since, I found out but am really struggling to focus, could ritalin have adverse affects on the aneurysm, stent or aspirin?
Any insight will be greatly appreciated!

Members on this board can share their experiences but ultimately, you should seek the advice of your Neuro-Surgeon regarding your questions especially around medication. In my case, I suffered a ruptured aneuryms (PICA) and had similar questions. My biggest concern was that after my emergency operation, my blood pressure increased from pre-hypertension 130/90 to 180/120 so they adviced me to get my BP back to acceptable levels prior to going back to the gym. No restrictions on drinking nor driving. Their advice is ease back into normal life.

It sounds like you did not suffer from any complications from your procedure and you are young so I am assuming that they will give you green light to resume your normal routine.


I agree with 2Fight, your surgeon will know best about your medication. The surgeon may also give therapeutic suggestions of studying without the Ritalin, maybe time management, index cards, etc.

I ruptured at 53, so it’s a different recovery usually from those who don’t rupture. For me, I’m allowed a glass of wine with dinner, but I often forget. You can still go out to the clubs, but make sure your not drinking while on blood thinners, aspirin is a blood thinner, alcohol thins the blood. You might say to your friends that you will be the designated driver. You might have a talk with the bartender of your favorite hangout and make sure they just give you water or something like 7Up. When I was in college and we’d all go out, I sometimes ordered a Roy Rogers with a kick. Roy Rogers was Ginger Ale, cherry juice and a cherry, the kick was vodka. I’m sure it’s called something else now. But I could order one alcoholic drink, the rest of the night not have it with alcohol and no one I was with was the wiser.

Weight lifting needs to be cleared by your doctor. Ask him how much you’re allowed to lift. Perhaps you will just need to do less weight with more reps. You may also need to do more aerobic. I don’t know. Your surgeon might could get you into physical therapy to see what you can still do. Good luck!

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Sounds like you have had busy life.It will get better.For me my body let’s me know when I do to much.Doing what Surgoen allows.And always try something you are passionate about for yourself.One day at a time.

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