20 March 2022 Welcome!

We have a few new members to give a big welcome to this week! Please let me remind the ones who haven’t been mentioned but signed up, to check their junk or spam folders. I have to get Mod Support to find your personal email so I can send a reminder, we found out.

@Cordelia2022 is up in Connecticut wondering about her mom’s care. Her mother experienced a rupture just this month. You can find her first topic here Advice for SAH recovery in Connecticut - #2 by Moltroub. She really need our help, especially from the Hartford area folks…

@Holly is in Ohio. Also a relative, her brother had an aneurysm in Dec 2017. She explains he is showing some agitation and is wondering about a psychiatric eval. @Holly, please start a new topic under the “General” category so members can reply to your question. We are all in this together which is what makes this group so wonderful.

@Georgia814 is up next, don’t be fooled by her name, she’s not in GA but up in Maryland! Dee has had a shunt, four aneurysms and has no permanent impairments, imagine that! Ms. Dee, we look forward to hearing from you, jump in on any topic or create your own…

@gina_gee up in New York is young in my mind at only 25…Her mother survived a ruptured aneurysm, she has an aneurysm that will be monitored. Y’all need to read her story, it’s quite amazing how they found it. As with many of us, she’s having a bit of difficulty balancing what she has and her life. We will have to wait for her to start a new topic to give her the support we are known for…

@Pilotpacking is also from the U.S.A., somewhere down here in the SE. He is something else…a pilot for a major airline and he was found to have an unruptured 33 mm aneurysm which the doctor coiled. He is waiting to pass his physical so he can get back to flying. We really hope you do too! Come introduce yourself under General…hope to see you helping others as well, amazing!

There are two other folks who need to check their junk mail, but thanks to @ModSupport and @Cordelia2022 I know what to do now :joy:

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Thx for the reply still trying to work the site. Would love to meet new people and encourage others. I feel I’ve had a miraculous recovery and am amazed that my 33mm aneurysm didn’t burst. God willing I will be back to the best job in the world, Airline pilot, by September,October time frame. Please msg me to know more. Looking forward to meeting others with similar backgrounds.

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