17 mm Aneurysm in Anterior Inferior Cerebellar Artery (AICA) Treated Endovascularly by Flow Diverter 10/13/22

Once again Charles, you’ve done an outstanding job on research and sharing! I, for one, really appreciate all the hard work and citing you share.

For me, it wasn’t so much fluorescent lights (except the flickering ones like when the ballast or bulb is going out) it was LEDs. Seems they were everywhere back when I ruptured, even the MDs in NSICU used those painful little pen lights. It was much better when my RN found the old type of flashlight, but the batteries went dead and back to the LEDs. The Residents, save one, refused to use it so I refused to open my eyes repeating what one told me “It’s inconvenient for me”.:joy:

The video answered a lot of questions for me and has brought up more that I will take up with my Ophthalmologist. I recall reading where a place in Utah had found rose colored of a specific tint was helpful for migraines, but I cannot remember the name of the place. Good luck on the blue blockers!