Yesterday was the best!

Hello all my friends!

Here is a little

I finally came home from the hospital Sunday night, 13 days after getting my head put back

I took a shower yesterday morning for the first time when I was able to wash my entire head and face. The feelings that I felt when I washed my face and it was whole again is unexplainable!!!!..Yesterday I was the most beautiful person in the world :0).

Today I am cute, I might be beautiful after a few cups of

Life begins again now! My doctor told me that he does not want to operate on me again..hmmm..I said ummm I hate to tell you this but I don't want you in my head ever again. I walked around the hospital with my camera, took pics of me & all the nurses that have been there taking care of me during 4 surgeries, took a pic of me and my doctor. BTW looking at the pic of him and I it was sort of a shock to see that we have almost the same hair style right hair GROW!!!

I told them all I was taking these pics for memories because I will never be a patient in this ward again!!! I was told I needed to come back and visit but it was agreed that I am not welcome there as a patient

My list of questions to my doctor were answered then when I got to the last question I told him with a serious face that now I need an answer to the most important question on my list, he looked at me seriously and said ok, I then asked "When can I plan my Kim's got her head back together party"...Hahaha! I thought he was gonna laughed and said anytime I want!!

My husband is not aware that I am having this party yet but he soon will be..LOL

Love you all...We are truly gonna make it...All of us!!!

Hi Kimberley! So happy for you. You’re beautiful inside and out! I love your positive attitude, hopefully for me it’s contagious. I am so glad you’re home and healing. It’s been a long road for you. Take care and happy healing! Mitch

You party on...sweet Lady...your post made my day...

I am so happy for you Kim...I can only imagine how you felt finally getting a shower...

God Bless...Love and hugs to you ...Colleen

Yay! Congrats! It has been a long road for you. You look fantastic :slight_smile:

That is so AWESOME… Brought tears to my eyes… xoxxoo

Well come home, on my day of release my husband stopped at my hair dressets and she washed my hair and cut it so the hair that I had left fell over the staples and stiches. Was a great feeling, take it slow and enjoy everyday. God gave us a second chase and I notice the sunrise more, blooming rose the laughter of my girls. And he told me that I could now say I have proof I have a brain. lol. We all are very lucky people.

Thank you all! I feel so lucky to be able to write to you all... :-) Thanks for the thoughts and prayers!!



YAY KIMBERLEY!!!!!!!!!!!

That is the best news - I am So happy for you, you've been through so much, and have been such an inspiration through it all. You deserve that party! And you are beautiful, outside and inside. Onward and upward!

Woooooop Wooooooop

Looking mighty fine Mrs Kimberley. Partyyyyyyyyy on!

Hi Jim, me too I’ m celebrating my aneurysm date as a 2 nd birthday, that’s life !
Take care

Congrats!!!!!! and your picture you are absolutly glowing ! such a beautiful face and smile !!!!

Huggs and prayers Julie in Delaware


Your positive attitude is wonderful and I hope that every day your world becomes a little more happier and of course that you become more beautiful!!!!

Thanks for the smiles!!

Best wishes and hugs,


Hey Jaycie,

The only way to go is upward.. :-)

So how many of you are going to come to my "Kim's got her head back together party"? Your all invited!!!

It's going to be held at my house in Örnsköldsvik, Sweden...Sooo how many can I count