Yes, I am grateful to be alive and survive my burst Aneurysm

but I think I have hit the pixxed off stage and "why me." I can't focus or concentrate and feeling very overwhelmed at the moment.

Anyone else? how long did this stage last?


Yes! I also had a ruptured aneurysm 7 weeks ago and the feelings can be a bit like a roller coaster. Holding to the gratefulness really helps me through the low spots. I’m finding the low points are coming around less and less. I hope the same for you. Cindy

HI Amy...I never said, "why me"...or I would have said it often in one life time on many of my health issues...but I did feel overwhelmed and anxious for a few months...I worked alot of it out by taking lots of walks...knitting and reading books...trying to get interested in something ...

You will get through just takes time...~ Gotcha in my Thoughts ~ Colleen

yes agreed 100% with replies .It definitly goes in cycles i do why me also and it comes and goes also but way less now-3 yrs post-Good luck & may God Bless you& yours

thanks! I just have this "bubble" of anger I feel in my chest. It annoys me.

How old are you, Amy? I was 36, just know. I had my "incident" (an aneurysm, then an aneurysm and a stroke to "cure" it) in December 2011. I am majorly pixxed off. I can't walk normal, I can't cook, I can't see normal. I am not normal. People look at me. One bartender wouldn't even serve me because he thought I was loaded! My friend tried to explain that I had a stroke and 2 aneurysms and thats why I can't walk straight, but he wasn't having it. I constantly think "why me," especially when I watch those losers making poor choices on Intervention, or when people stare at me, or when people merely do bad things to their bodies (I was a work-out fanatic).

So what am I doing about it? I'm alive. Wow- I'm alive! Adam Yauch isn't alive....Whitney is not alive....but I am. It will get better. I do my homework (physical and occupational therapy) and I get better, little by little. My other friends father is a neurologist; he says my impatience is my best trait. It means I don't like being like this and I will get better. Get better!

I just turned 36 in April - so a week or so ago. My foot is messed up from hitting a tree with my truck (pic attached) so I had to quit my retail job that I begged to get in the first place because the unemployment rate in this state is horrendous! I can't stand on my foot for long periods of time or it starts looking like I have an egg attached to the side of my ankle. I don't necessarily have the issues that you are facing, but I am still at the "bitter" stage right now.

I just have a lot of frustrations that are adding to this anger right now.

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Amy and Sara---I was 45 when my "event" occurred--although, I felt 95 upon my release from the hospital---I still have some angry times but really don't want to become a person who is like that- about once a month I go into a "funk" but try not to let it last too long --I'm told that it is natural to feel this way when something so traumatic happens to you---As I said to my husband some months ago- I am used to people looking at me because they like my looks--NOT because I walk like Frankenstein!

Frankly, there are times I hate it-

My best to you both--D

Wow, I truly need all of you, more than you will ever know. God bless you all for the hope and courage you instill in others each day. Amy, I feel overwhelmed a lot. I am just not used to being so dependent or fearful. I take it minute by minute otherwise it is all too much for me. God bless and you keep the faith. Kathy

Oh my God, Sue. You have been through a lot. Some day it'll be a hazy memory (like you) - I am looking forward to that day. Thank you for your words; I like that i am impatient. It has gotten me this far. Screw everyone else! (I know that's not what you meant but I need to say it!)

To Amy. "Annoying" isn't so bad. Annoying is a bother, like a gnat. I say annoying a lot, and that's all it is is annoying. I would rather have annoying than knock-down-drag-out awful.