Yearly check-up/contrast

My doctor has refused to see me for my yearly check-up due to being unable to pay on my bill (insurance has paid the majority-but due to accumulating bills we do not have the money to pay on it). Has anyone else ran into this problem?

my husband has but he didnt have the rupture i did, its either pay or no service. I think thats just wrong.

Sturdyville...I am so sorry you have to go thru all of this....

I only know one who could not get f/up; moved back to her paents in adjacent state; lost contact w/her... can only pray she is recovering...could be many more and I would not know it...

Suggest you find/talk to a bankruptcy attorney, to walk you thru your status...refer you to some other resource... you should not be going thru all this....

You may try to contact any creditor and see if you can negotiate changes in interest/monthly payments... it also may be overwhelming...encourage you to talk w/attorney for best guidance... they will need to know what you own and what you owe.

Then, the doctored med billing... while I was working w/"customer care" to get corrections; the adjacent unit turned over to collection agency, one third the amount of refunds they owed me for my overpayments ... when finally resolved...they held the refund for another apx six months...some of the overpayment dollars were over two years old... typical hellth care...

Sturdy...Hugs and prayers...for legal assistance / direction ...

I have not run into this problem, but as i work in the legal community, I would suggest that you contact the local Bar Association in your town and ask them to refer you to an attorney who can help you.

Best luck and wishes,


This is his private office-not the hospital. Thanks for the suggestion though:)

I agree-it is not like we are tying to get out of paying him (my insurance paid for the majority of it), but when I can afford it we will (we travel out of state to him) pay the remaining balance (since my illness between running to doctors and other bills we are in somewhat of a hole).

I really don’t want to get an attorney concerning this-I like my doctor and I feel comfortable with him-so I do not want to damage this relationship.

I have the same problem was brought to dr as an emergency. He is out of network My ins paid

him like he was in network. which was alot but i still owe him 11, 000.00 plus i have2 more annies

and no dr in my network wants to see me . what to do. The dr that operated on me was great

but its the insurance thats a mess. But where is the compassion?


Just wanted to post on this hope I am not intruding. I am lucky enough to live in the UK and although it has it's problems, we have the NHS which means that we do not have to pay for medical treatment. It may be slow but at least its free right?

I think it's absolutely horrific that anyone should have to pay for lifesaving treatment!!!! At a time like this the last thing you need is the added stress of trying to fund your medical treatment!!

I know this comment is not helpful in the slightest, and I really, truly, wish that I could help in some way but i just had to express that I find this totally disgusting!

Hope it all works out for you, love Kerry xxx

find another dr…it seems like ur not goin to be able to make this dr see u…i think wat jim is telln u is thru the staff social worker maybe u can find an organization to help u w/ur medical bills…good luck n will keep u n my prayers…

Thanks- I truly need them (prayers). I am like Kerry where is the compassion, but I also understand the other side that they have bills to pay too.

My insurance paid all of my bill with him except 700. -and the office sent this to a collection agency which added on their monies for collection! So now we have a doctor bill and the collection fee. This has upset me, too. Doctors should understand when people have to travel so far at the time they are strapped or more strapped because of the added expenses. Not only these bills but the agency I work with 'e-mailed' me that they are closing their agency. Me and my husband have checked for assistance before but we fall in the middle income where there is very little-to no assistance. Sorry to whine-I am sure I am not going through something others have went through before me. I guess when a person goes through this it is like a slap in the face of what people are experiencing-it makes you realize what is happening.

Sturdyville, do you have any health insurance? I will try to help in any way I can. I'm a Life, health insurance agent & I'm sure there is something I can find for you. There are sooo many things that people are not aware of (or not told about) that may help. And no...I'm not trying to sell u anything..that's why I have another job-lol. I didn't make $$ selling insurance bcuz I wanted 2 save ppl $$-I know how it feels.

i agree with jim

apply for medicaid they go back 3 months or more if needed. And see if you met your out of pocket with your insurance then you pay 000000

Thanks-I have insurance, but the bill was for what the insurance did not cover and they ended up attaching my husbands wages! So much for our other bills. The other bills keep coming too!!My insurance covers a good portion of the bills, but when you have utilities, car payments, etc.. coming in when you are not working you end up prioritizing bills. And before long they pile up.

Sturdy...I so hope you checked / re-checked your billing w/the hospital/physicians...

I was turned over to a collection agency for $138...which was one third the credit due to me for overpayments...and, it got / gets worse and worse.

I was working w/one of the "specialists" on the billing screw ups...while the adjacent section turned over that portion to an agency...however, that met their quality of care. From all of this, I have learned a tremendous amount on codings. And, I am not a believer in the minimally invasive coils and the off-label stents.

Wishing you the very many of us have gone thru major changes in employment to no employment. Most important, I wish you happy holidays and a very Merry Christmas...


Yup...I agree with Jim...go see the Hospital social worker...

The bill that was attached to my husband's pay check was for the care I received from the doctor (not the hospital), but I ended up being able to pay enough of it he did my yearly angiogram and it was good-yeah! I guess I will just have to work past my retirement age to pay this bill off-if i live long enough to pay it off I won't complain then:)