Yea & Nay

How is everyone? I hope everyone is doing well. For those of you that had pending surgery and coilings, I hope your procedure was a success. A warm welcome to all the new memebers, prayers and best wishes to you all as well.

Since the last time I posted I was waiting on the results of an eeg....well, as the neuro dr. put it, I'm still under the radar. The results are negative, everything looked good...I know "Yea", but he though it best if I perhaps tried keppra for a few weeks to see if symptoms go away. I also followed up with pysch dr on the same day. He was thinking perhaps I should take the lyrica again or even try an anti-depressent medicine... I know "Nay". He seemed to disagree with neuro, but agreeded that I should be taking something, again, "Nay".

What to do? What now? What next? Confused, torn, bewildred, still out there on a limb, yet hanging on without hanging myself or anyone else. "GOD is still good! and he's all I need RIGHT NOW!

OK, So this is how it's going down:

* I'm not taking the keppra (don't want to take any meds when I don't have a concrete reason to take them).

* I'm not taking any anti-depressent, or lyrica (not sure how I got there in the first place.

* Going to leave em all alone. (I can do bad all by myself, I don't need anymore encouragement to freak, flip, drop or wig out and I'm going to ween off the metoprolol as well, I'm still having palpatations so why bother with it).

I'm done, Had enough, need to get off this rollercoaster. Praying is all I'm going to do. Done with dr's! Done with medicines!

So it's neither "Yea" or "Nay"

should have tittled it "Ding! I'm Done".

God Bless!

Praying for nothing but the Best all ; )

Mary...thanks for sharing all is delightful to me...

Please stay in touch...


hi there-your a live wire!!!lol-loved this-my bells dinging too,especially the i'm not takin kepra in caps- i wondered a year later why am i taking this anti- seizure med since i never had a seizure,i asked the nuero and he said sure you can stop them!!! my bells more like the big buzzer button on "americas got talent" tv show-if i hadnt voiced concern i'd still be poppin them i guess! the side effects bulletin scared the daylights out of me. so i got weaned off but the nurse at the nueros after recoiling kept trying to give me kepra- so i said NO IM NOT TAKING THE KEPRA-lol next morning the same thing NO -LOL-so this post is crackin me up- thanks , bless you & yours!!

I was on a boatload of meds upon release from hospital--now only BP and cholesterol--and my cholesterol is fantastic! In fact, I think I should be on a lower dosage, probably (it's crazy cause I have had extremely high cholesterol and been on meds for it since my early 30's- genetic---gotta love those genetics!) My BP is also being well controlled by meds...

I, too, fought/insisted to get off of some meds. If it helps me, absolutely I will take them but, I really need some kind of concrete proof (I know, a little "doubting Thomas") whether literally through bloodwork or simply listening to my body--I think we know what our bodies are telling us- we just have to listen...I often wonder if I just was not heeding warning signs of impending rupture- because of that, I try to be much more in-tune with my body.

I also feel that it is "normal" to have some degree of depression after (any) life changing event- as long as it does not "take over" your life/thoughts. In fact, it is my opinion that if you didn't have time of feeling "blue", well, than I would wonder about the health of your mental state! Please be aware that when I say "you". I am not referring to you--it is just a way of speaking

Not meaning to ramble here....

Dana...thanks for sharing so pleased for you and your overall results...

Depression is in the temporal lobe... but can vary by what hits what part of the lobe...

Wishing you, and all, a grand weekend...


thanks Dana for your response. I agree, we should listen to our bodies. Inspite of what I tell them, they tell me the opposite, do more test and prove me wrong. I tell em, but this is happening. I perhaps should learn to speak dr talk and maybe then they'd get it? An though I respect them because they have the experience and education, they make me feel worse! I often think Im just hullucinating (just like my spellling). I truly think I'm loosing my mind sometimes. I'm starting to think it is just me. I have not met anyone yet on any of the sites I have visited/joined that is having simple partial seizures or anxiety. So, that makes me believe even more that either I'm the exceptional or just crazy! Could it be the events that I am experiencing are normal, that others just don't notice them when it happens to them? Perhaps, Im just extra sensative or more aware of my body? Honestly, the only time I think I freak out is when I have a headache and get naucious! Everythig else catches me off guard.

thanks Jo, are you taking keppra or any other AED?

thanks Ron, you sound like a live wire too! Im starting to rethink that decission tho. Had a little episode on thursday. Got all weirded out, felt like I was flying and then got real naucious and let my lunch (a beautiful chef salad with croutons and lots of dressing, apple sauce and a glass of crystal light lemon aid) go! I spent almost an hour preparing that lunch.

It was about 2 hours after I'd eaten. Don't know what to think of that? I get naucious out of the blue, but never have I upchucked!

wishing you a wonderful weekend also! : )