Worried, worried, worried

On June 12, I’ll be having a two hour MRI, half for the coiled aneurysm, after a SAH six years ago, half for MS, which started 14 years back. (Yes, I won the jackpot, not.)
It’s been three years since my last MRI, and chances are something will be wrong with one or the other.
The new big thing for MS is a drug called Tysabri. There’s a one in a 1000 chance you get an incurable, usually fatal kind of brain encephalitis, every time you take it (once a month).
Thanks to slowly progressing MS, I haven’t thought as much as I should about the aneurysm. The MS neurologist is a huge fan of Tysabri; the neurosurgeon is none too keen.
He, I think, will want to put a stent in.
Aaaarrgghhh. Anyway, no good thinking about it until it happens.
Best wishes to all.

Hi Shana,

Welcome to BAF.

I can only imagine how difficult it is to face such tough choices. I will pray that your MRI goes well and that your aneurysm does not give you anything more to worry about.

May God bless you with healing.


Thank you.

You have my prayers Shana...~ keep us posted ~ Colleen