Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas!

From everyone here at The Brain Aneurysm Foundation, we wish you all Happy Holidays! It’s such a wonderful time of year to relax and enjoy time with our loved ones. We feel priviledged to share this wonderful community with all of you.

thank you and have a very merry christmas and blessed new year

Here's a fun holiday video from Ben's Friends, representing all the support communities established by our friend Ben, who established this community forum-


Aloha, Friends

This is David Chen (husband) replying on behalf of Theresa Wang, a 2-yr brain aneurysm survivor and member of this group. On Nov. 19, Theresa was involved in a serious car accident and remains in the hospital to this day. She is improving slowly however there is a long journey ahead.

Some friends have set up a website at:
http://hulaterri.blogspot.com where I post regular updates about Theresa’s progress. There are also links to media reports about the accident because it also involved a football player named Colt Brennan.

Please keep Theresa in your thoughts and prayers at this miraculous time of year.



On this Christmas Day, I have something special for which to be grateful. I am Volunteering to invite my Friends, Family, and my Social Media Network, to join us because together we are a transformative supportive comforting community.