Will have surgey on 23rd of Nov

Got a date to have my annie removed , 23rd of Nov. , waited a long time for it. But now its sinking in what there going to do to me , just a little bit scared now , not sure what of , i guess of everything to do with this , but this is something they do everyday now right ? My family is acting strange about it , but i guess feeling this way is nomal , but after two strokes and all that came with that , just a little unsure
about things

Frederick, your feelings are all normal. It is a scary thing to go through and especially not knowing what to expect or the not knowing the outcome. The first and most important step is to put your total faith and trust in God. He will see you through. I had gone through the samething one year ago next month. You will go through emotional rollercoaster. Your family is acting strange because they are scared also not knowing but tring to be strong to keep your spirits up! Are you having a clipped or coiled? As for the healing part everyone is heals differently and some recover quickly and some it takes a while. Like I said I had mine January 5, 2010 and I thought I was doing good. I had good days and bad but Thanked God everyday for giving me life to spend with my family. My only side effect is poor vision, tired often, and my memory is not the greatest but I am breathing.
If you have any questions please feel free to ask. Good luck and I will keep you in my prayers.

They are going to clip mine , Thank You for your kind words and God Bless You !! I am very afraid , my Dr. acts like its no big deal , but when its your skull they are opening up its a big deal !! Got about a month and 1/2 before the surgey to get my mind wraped around this. It helps to talk to someone who
has been though this. Going to try to post everything that happens , hosptial has WIFI and i will have my
cam and laptop with me so maybe others faceing the samething wont have to be afraid as i am now.
Have a wonderful day and thank you again.

Glad you do have an appointment; just read your note below…I was coiled with multiple ruptures. I have no memory of likely 98% of that…I still have memory issues, vision loss, hearing loss, fatigue days, and more.
I can assure you I would far have preferred to have been alert enough, and had enough time to research for making decisions. I have met several who survived ruptures; others who went thru the monitoring process.

Frederick, will you share more about your diagnosis, i.e. where your annie is located, its size; why the neuro, and/or you, decided on surgery vs coil/glue and what all the neuro has explained to you…if you have already provided this info earlier on, please forgive me.
Overall, you are blessed, in that you are here to make decisions; yes, it is normal to have to think things thru and have feelings about those decisions… You are blessed to have family to support you thru the treatment and recovery process. Yes, you have your concerns; please think thru if you had no options, and could not make the decisions.
Yes, I will keep you in my prayers…


I had an aneurysm clipped a little over a year ago. I had a total of 4 craniotomies (due to infection following surgery). The only lasting side effects I have are a few headaches and I get tired more easily. The neurosurgeons who perfom these surgeries are amazing. Have faith you will be in a better place once you get it clipped!


Just had the surgery last Wednesday, the 6th. I am doing very well. Just keep your thoughts up and everyone will be praying for you to come out of the surgery good. My aneurysm was 4 mm and has been clipped. I’ve had some swelling on my face but they don’t know what is causing it. The aneurysm is good and I go back next Thursday to get the staples out of the side of my head. I have some trouble using some words. All in all I am in good shape and I think you will only have to have the faith that it will happen to you.

Mary Ellen

My doctor wants to clip over coil because of the size , 8mm , it was 1/2cm in 2007 , i have not heard of
glue before ? Its almost in the center just to the left side of my brain on the underside. I really dont know alot about this. Only talked to doctor 20 min. about this , things are moveing really fast now.
It took this long to find a doctor here in Pensacola to this , and he is the only one here that will do it.
I pray to God i am doing the right thing. I am really afraid of this. Thank you and God Bless !!


Thank You Wendy and God Bless !!

That is so awesome that your doing well !! :smiley: Keep us abrest on how things are going , Thank You and
God Bless You !!