Wide neck

Are wide neck anuersyms more difficult?

Wide neck aneurysms can pose some difficulties for methods like coiling. I had a wide-neck that was treated with a pipeline stent successfully.

I have a wide neck aneurysm and my doctor said it will be difficult to treat. Everything I have read confirms that a wide neck is ONE of the factors that can make an aneurysm more difficult to treat. He said that coiling alone would be a problem for me because the coils can migrate more easily into the parent artery due to the wide neck. He has recommended stent-assisted coiling in my case. My case is further complicated by the location of the aneurysm and the fact that it has two lobes. I require two stents for coiling or two clips for clipping. Overall, every aneurysm seems to be unique in its challenges. The key seems to be to find the right neurosurgeon who can explain the challenges for your unique situation.

I have a wide neck aneurysm. I opted for coiling and had the procedure done in Dec. Due to the wide neck I had coiling (21) plus 2 stents. I just had a follow up MRI two weeks ago. The coils have started to compact. This happens with wide neck aneurysms and I will need more coils. (I was also told I would need two clips if I had gone that route.) I think wide neck aneurysms are more difficult, but they are treatable!

Hi Abbycat,
I had a wide neck aneurysm too. It wasn’t a candidate for coiling. My 1st aneurysm was and it was coiled twice and I finally had to have it clipped.
Mine 2nd one was a wide neck with 2 lobes on top. It was in a bad place. I don’t have a complete circle of willis so clipping it would be precariously dangerous, etc. And…my surgeon is a rock star.
She clipped it and I was out of the hospital in 4 days!!
I had my 1st clipping in 2006. My 2nd in 2017. The difference in the technology was evident. During the 2nd surgery, I was hooked up head to toe to electronic monitoring in case of seizure, vasospasm etc. The head gear stayed on for a couple of days after surgery to monitor my brain function. So, in today’s world of brain surgery, we have a lot of good tech to assist our surgeons!!
Anyway, I hope you find or have a rock star surgeon. Both of my surgeons were/are. My 1st surgery was done by a different surgeon at the same hospital. He’s still at UNC-CH…he just does spine surgeries now. I had such a good feeling with both surgeons. And I adore my surgeon now. If you go the coiling route, I did that 1st with my 1st aneurysm…talk to the Neuroradiologist a lot. Get to know him/her as you would your neurosurgeon.
Good luck and sorry for the rambling. Let us know how you are doing and what you decide. I’ll keep you in my thoughts…cause it’s hard.

I essentially was told, since it is small they are ignoring it/ It is in a difficult spot ( pericollasal -however you spell that) and ti was wide necked so it would be difficult. So, just watch it. I do not want someone in my head…but it is bothersome.

I had two wide necks, one was coiled the other is just their. I look at this way with the three kinds I think, Figures I got to have the worst one to work on.Leave to me. I took it with a grain of salt , seems that how my life has always rolled. My ten anniversary was the day after Xmas . I just hope I keep my brain and don’t get early allshimzer. Just remember they can be repaired. Your just special. Take care thinking of you .

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Thank you. Fortunately, it is small. It is in a tight spot so they will just leave it. I am getting a 2nd opinion just to be sure. I realize that it is probably nothing and people walk around with them all the time but knowing it is there is still unnerving.

Kasandra Stebner

Please it’s not nothing and get a second opinion.i was blessed having a dr who in invold4d with the bar and seriously one on the top if not top dr in his speciality. His hands were given by god and his personality is one of a kind.
Get as many opinions as you can get . Mine also was considering small but was on its way to start leaking. So please any questions or any insurances to help you feel better just holler . I was lucky I lived in ma nearboston.

Going for a second opinion. Cannot get in until June. I was told it was

A wife necked . Pericolldsal whatever that means

Kasandra Stebner

Here’s the pericallosal artery http://www.meddean.luc.edu/lumen/MedEd/neuro/neurovasc/navigation/peri.htm

Best I can tell about wide necks, but can’t find on an internet search, is there is some type of ratio between the size of an aneurysm and the opening from the artery into the aneurysm. I think of it as the difference between a passage door and double doors in the same spot.

A little more definition searching I came across this study which explains three different ways to determine wide neck

I also had a wide neck ,my understanding is that it’s as big as it is long. With all three kinds this one can cause more for concern.
Why it happens I don’t know maybe some day they will find out. Wish you a speedy recovery .

Did you get a second opinion? My original rupture was a right pericollosal artery aneurysm and I have a second one on the left pericollosal artery that they are watching very closely. Hope all is well and the Drs are taking good care of you!

Wide-necks certainly can be more of a challenge (wider area to close?)
Mine Aneurysm was a unruptured 16mm, 9mm wide-neck behind right eye pressed against Optic nerves 4 & 6, couldn’t open my eye and when held open vision was in quads(seeing 4th), moving in tilt, etc. Dr. Amen Patel insert 2 PED’s telescoped across neck and my vision return and 6 Angiogram things look good. FDA approved NEW DEVISE, called WEB Device, the latest in new devices. Our choices continue !!!

Mine to was a wide neck small world.

I got a web device in September for my 7mm wide neck. Surgeon told me the web device works better for wide neck aneurysms. I had my followup angiogram last week and all is well.

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