Who knew?

Alright I just found out that March 30th is Doctors Day..

Was anyone else aware of this?

Kimberley, it is far more exciting to see you active March 26th than think about the 30th...


I agree with Pat...

I am so glad to see you around here, how r u doing sweetie...~

Cyber~Hugs...xoxoxoxox...~ Colleen

Hi Colleen,

I am doing pretty good. I woke up a little more then a week ago without any bubbles :-)

I have not had any since either. I feel asleep on the couch one night and woke up the next morning without bubbles. I have no idea if it's because I can't throw the arm of the couch on the floor while I'm sleeping or not but I am not taking any chances. :-) I'v been sleeping on the couch ever since haha!

My doctor is calling this a miracle!

I did get some not so good news :-( I won't be able to go home for the birth of my grandchild or for my daughter's wedding. They say that the risks are out of this world for infection. They say that I would be putting my life at risk and my kids are saying it's not a risk they will let me take. I have to wait about a year before traveling. It's ok, I will become a jet setter once this is all over..Hehe!

Hehe Pat,

When thinking about it, I agree..lol


It is a miracle...a god-given miracle; there must be a reason to limit your travel.

Your children can have videos of everything for you,m and at their functions, they will have you with them; tho not physically...And, if any little thing did occur in attempted travel, could result in trauma which we all know you would not want to place before them.

Hugs and Prayers continue...

Ah Kimberley...I am glad you aren't taking any chances...You are so right...if you take care of yourself now...the "sky is the limit" later... I like what Pat wrote...at least there are video's...and then when you get to be with your kids and grandbaby...it will be that much better...

Hey...I agree...don't jinx it...keep it on the sofa...hahahaha...! You still have that wonderful sense of humor...

Cyber~prayers your way...because I do believe in Miracles...xoxoxoxox...Colleen

Kimberley, please tell how you are doing? I know that you are having a terrible struggle, but I read your post about feeling like your old self, and I was so happy to read that. I've been a bit quiet after my coiling, but have started lecturing at a college, can you believe that? I know it's very hard for you, with all these unresolved issues and doctors and procedures. I am keeping you in my thoughts and prayers and I send you BIG LOVE.

All my best to you Kim